Liza Scott, that is to run a lemonade stand to help fund she own brain surgery, holds a donation Tuesday at she mother's bakery in Homewood, Ala. Mother Elizabeth Scott stated the household has great health insurance, yet expenses room still high and the 7-year-old girl want to aid out. (Jay Reeves, linked Press)



HOMEWOOD, Alabama — A 7-year-old girl that is facing brain surgery is making use of her little lemonade was standing to raise hundreds of dollars for her clinical costs.

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The initiative by Liza Scott to use her stand, which she originally collection up in her mother’s bakery to raise part spending money, has been motivation to some. Although she charges just 25 cents for lemonade or various other treats, customers room leaving far big amounts to assist her cause, she tells the associated Press.

“I’ve gained a $20 bill, and also a $50 bill and a $10 bill and also a $5 bill and also a $100 bill,” Liza said while counting the money from just Tuesday morning. She stand has made more than $12,000 in just a few days, the AP reports. A large boost is from a gofundme page collection up because that Liza that had raised much more than $320,000 together of Thursday morning.

Liza’s mother, Elizabeth Scott, speak CBS 42 the her daughter has three cerebral malformations. Liza began suffering seizures since of the malformations and also doctors speak they should be repaired through a series of operations. The first is next week in ~ Boston children Hospital.

Scott, a single-mother, has actually insurance, but she says the out-of-pocket expenses currently are piling up.

“Just one mainly in the hospital and the ambulance rides is an ext than mine monthly salary, and also that’s without the surgery and also travel expenses,” she said. “I can’t money that by myself, and we have a company to support.”

It is that truth that is rubbing numerous the wrong way, al.com reports. They allude out that a young girl and also her mother having to raise money v fundraisers in order to pay because that lifesaving healthcare illustrates the flaws in the medical device in the U.S.

“Why the hell walk a 7 year old have to sell lemonade to salary for brain surgery in a supposedly civilized nation?” one human tweeted, according to al.com. “Alabama requirements to deal with some things.”

People’s sacrament is paying because that Scott and her daughter, back Liza admits to CBS 42 the she is nervous about what the future holds.

“I can’t handle it. So, i hope i make it,” Liza said. “My mom keeps saying i’m going to, however I feel like I’m not.”

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