HOUSTON, Texas -- A woman accused of shoot a man in the head during a on facebook Live stream in southwest Houston pleaded guilty Wednesday morning.

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Cassandra Damper pleaded guilty to aggravated attack with reckless serious bodily injury and tampering with evidence.
On Easter Sunday in 2018, Damper, Devyn Holmes and also another guy were sitting in a auto outside that a Valero gas station, streaming live top top Facebook. Video showed that Damper"s gun went off, highlight Holmes in the head.Sentencing is scheduled for a later on date, which will encompass statements from the victim. However, Holmes" aunt states he is not in the shape to take trip to court for the statements."We"re glad the she simply took responsibility and also took ownership of what she did," stated Valerie Gardner-Smith, Holmes"s great-aunt. "It allow us understand that she had actually a conscience. And that she feeling some type of emotion around what taken place to Devyn, because it was really devastating."READ MORE: on facebook Live catches moment Houston male accidentally shoot in head outside gas station

Devyn Holmes was left in an important condition after gift shot accidentally by a woman playing v a gun outside a Houston gas station.

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Damper"s lawyer Monique Sparks maintains the shooting was an accident in between friends. Holmes defines Damper as just an acquaintance."She plead guilty saying that takes accountability for her actions," Sparks called ABC13. "We"ve always been praying because that Devyn, wishing the finest for him, and also she"s right here to accept responsibility for she actions."
In court, we learned Damper previously turned down a plea transaction from the ar attorney"s office for 15 year in prison.With her guilty plea, a referee will now sentence her. That sentencing hearing has not been scheduled.Damper faces everywhere from probation to two decades in prison.
Holmes has been making large leaps in his restore after the horrific digital display. New video post to Holmes" Instagram page shows that standing up without any type of help.Damper was formerly charged through tampering with evidence after police stated she tried to wipe off she hands before testing for gun powder residue.RELATED: Victim"s mommy thinks on facebook Live shooting was intentional




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