(CBS) — A 15-year-old girl who was shoot in the head through stray gunfire earlier this week on a basketball court in’s Tioga section has actually died, police say. The victim was established as Simone-Monea Rogers native the Nicetown-Tioga neighborhood. She passed away just one mainly after she 15th birthday.

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Her mommy says her daughter just turned 15 around a main ago. She to be going to come to be a freshman at West Catholic High college

— Matt Petrillo (
MattPetrillo) respectable 20, 2021

The girl’s mommy tells Eyewitness News her daughter was set to go to West Catholic High institution after just graduating 8 hours grade a couple of months ago.

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Simone-Monea Rogers (Photo courtesy Rogers’ mother)

Police speak she was playing basketball at the Jerome Brown Playground in ~ 20th and West Ontario roads just prior to 9 p.m. Tuesday v her brother and two friends once someone started shooting in their direction.

Police carry out not think she to be the plan target when she to be hit by stray gunfire.

“It’s very tragic,” Police cook Inspector Scott little said. “It mirrors this 15-year-old female actively playing basketball, actually dribbling the basketball, when she all of sudden collapses once she it s okay shot.”



Investigators to speak the surveillance video also mirrors at the very least 10 other civilization at the playground when the gunfire erupted. Yet no one except Rogers remained when police arrived.

“When police come in location, she was laying confront down in the basketball court all by herself,” small said.

The teenager to be rushed to temple University Hospital wherein she was initially noted in extremely vital condition, however she was pronounced dead top top Wednesday night.

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Detectives continue to evaluation surveillance video, hope to capture a glimpse the the person or world responsible.

Police are also trying to recognize a motive behind this act that has actually once again influenced a child and also her community forever.

“She’s well-known to the employee here. Lock say the she’s a really nice girl,” small said. “She also lives one half a block away from this ar where she was shot.”

District Councilwoman Cindy Bass checked out the court Friday to watch the makeshift memorial in Simone-Monea’s honor. She described the loss together “heartbreaking” and also called on mothers to be proactive against youth-led total violence in the city.

“These room young people who are mainly doing the shootings. Lock live with us. Lock live with you. And also so we desire you to run through that room and also make certain that we recognize if you have actually a gun in your household get the out,” base said.

Police room still in search of the gunman. They require those world who to be at the basketball court top top Tuesday night to step forward as eyewitnesses. Everyone with details should contact police.

No weapons have actually been recovered and also no arrests have actually been made at this time.

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For a list of pistol violence resources in, click here.

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Matt Petrillo and also Jan Carabeo added to this report.