- Police in Lemoore are in search of a woman who they believe assaulted a 13-year-old girl in one ugly street fight recorded on camera. Investigators say the fight taken place over a boy. The 13-year-old victim and her mom talked exclusively to activity News around the incident.** WARNING: This footage includes material that part viewers may uncover disturbing because of explicit language and/or the graphics nature of the material. **

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Someone who was at the scene, city hall the fight, filmed the totality thing. As the cellphone video starts, friend can clearly see this woman, who police to speak is the suspect, getting encouragement indigenous friends as they tell she to assault a 13-year old girl."In the video, you can see somebody who initiated it, "Go ahead and also slap that" and also some words," stated Jennifer Espinoza, the victim"s mother."I was on the phone with my mom due to the fact that I experienced adults and I was informing her come hurry because I didn"t understand what was going to happen. Ns was scared that ns was walk to get jumped, and I to be by myself, so i didn"t recognize what to do," stated Myakha Espinoza, the victim.After the doubt lunges at Myakha, the two battle on the ground for much more than 30 seconds prior to getting up and also separating. Then the suspect attacks her again. The Lemoore Police room is investigating the event as a felony assault."We"ve been provided a name of the doubt that was actually affiliated in the fight, although at this time we"re not 100 percent specific that the is the true surname of the person involved, therefore we"re quiet trying to determine her," stated Cmdr. Steve Rossi.Police say the fight, which taken place on a quiet intersection, stemmed native an argument in between two teenage girls end a boy. Myakha states her name was in the phone belonging come the friend of a 15-year-old girl. Myakha claims the girl want to hit her but she at first declined and then ultimately agreed come it in bespeak to protect against the threats.The 15-year-old girl"s mother is seen and heard top top the video, informing the suspect to slap the victim. Afterwards, Jennifer Espinoza says she had to take she daughter to obtain medical help."I took her to the ER due to the fact that she was complaining of a headache, she to be throwing up, she finished up v a concussion and also a sprained elbow with contusions," said Espinoza.Since the fight, Myakha has moved the end of city -- scared she could be the victim of much more violence."Right ~ the incident taken place I gained a whole bunch of hazards from your friends, they called me and also their families saying, "I wanna struggle you. We"re going to drive by your house and also jump you." So i was scared. Ns didn"t recognize what come do. The whole time I stayed in my house and also I didn"t walk to school due to the fact that I was scared that they to be going to fight me," the 13-year-old said.Lemoore police to speak it"s not regularly they get referred to as to fights this severe and are thankful they have video clip of the attack and what happened prior to it.

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If you understand who the doubt is, you"re asked to contact the Lemoore Police Department.