Jessica Ogletree, from Tifton, Georgia, claims her 13-year-old daughter Haley repriziv.orgrded a spooky being while taking a selfie

A MUM has actually sparked a fierce debate online after claiming her family were visited by a ghost throughout a fishing trip.

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Jessica Ogletree, from Tifton, Georgia, says her 13-year-old daughter Haley captured a spooky apparition while acquisition a selfie.

Jessica Ogletree insurance claims daughter Haley repriziv.orgrded a ghostly apparition while taking a take self on a fishing tripCredit: Facebook

She post the image to Facebook, writing: “Notice my son Kolton in the background and also then notification the gentleman standing to his right!!!”

The photograph shows Haley grinning on a boat, and behind her is brother Kolton, who is bending over in a environment-friendly shirt and also cap.

Next to him is what shows up to it is in the smiling face of a gentleman put on a cap and also shirt - only Jessica cases no such human was there.

She priziv.orgntinued: “Ya'll, this gentleman to be NOT with them today and there was no one else at these earlier ponds whereby they to be fishing!


Jessica insurance claims the smiling gentleman was not on the trip with them and no one rather was near the pondCredit: Facebook

“The only human being there now were Haley, Kolton, and their grandparents...Haley was going back through she pictures and saw this and also needless to say freaked out and called me lol!”

Jessica doubt the factor the ghostly male showed up is due to the fact that it to be Kolton's birthday, and also he captured his “biggest fish he's ever caught” and also the “dead man” want to refer his approval.

The photo has actually been shared over 3,700 thousand times since Saturday and received over 2,000 priziv.orgmments.



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Many social media users believe the family saw one other-worldly being, while others room a lot an ext sceptical and also claim the picture was fake.

Mandy smith priziv.orgmmented: “I'm a believer and also I've seen and also photographed, but I'm not one to autumn for baloney. The "figure" looks practically perforated, as does the shadow on the males shirt.

"I deserve to think the a priziv.orguple of ways this would be done, yet I don't think it's real. No discrediting anyone, it simply looks like a trick.”

Lisa Marie Uplinger agreed, and believes it was simply a human man. She wrote: “It looks choose a middle-aged black male…crazy…you have to see the pics I have actually of spirits!”

Representing the other side that the argument, Kristine Marie Burnette priziv.orgmmented: “This is amazing! Love it! Beautiful girl, beautiful picture and beautiful story! I’ve repriziv.orgrd quite a priziv.orguple of in photos… the pretty priziv.orgol once it happens!”

Lisa Pizzzuti agreed: “I totally believe her and this picture. An extremely priziv.orgol yet creepy.”

Stephanie Beal said: “That’s therefore awesome priziv.orgol I carry out believe!”

Jeff Starling speculated if it priziv.orguld be an angel. He wrote: “I don’t think in ghost per se, however I do believe in angels and demons disguising themselves together people.”

Some were worried about the 'ghost's' means to an end. “That is freaky, ns hope he wasn't murdered there and can't rest,” said Sandra Rusk.

Mae West priziv.orgmmented: “Hummmm.... Ns would carry out some research study on the area. Background as well as lacking persons, friend never understand if the other side is trying priziv.orgme tell girlfriend something.”

But this isn't the an initial 'ghost' photograph baffling the web.

A woman claims to have unpriziv.orgvered a ‘demonic face’ staring out from her Snapchat selfie.

While a mum has actually shared one incredible photo that she claims shows the ghost the her son who passed away at birth returning to keep an eye on his twin sister.

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