The celebrity attorney, who is representing three women who’ve accused the R&B singer of sex-related assaulting them once they were underage, likewise claims the is conscious of a 3rd tape.

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Michael Avenatti, who is representing 3 women accusing R. Kelly of sexual assault, defined to The daily Beast top top Tuesday the second video he derived of the R&B star with an underage girl.

According come Avenatti, the video shows Kelly performing and also receiving oral sex, peeing top top the girl’s anus, vagina, ideal breast, and also face. He penetrates the girl vaginally and anally, chokes her, and also repeatedly refers to her as 14. She additionally refers come herself together 14. The coaches her on what to say and also adjusts the camera angle choose he’s shooting a erotic video. Avenatti claimed there is no question the guy is R. Kelly, and that the other human is 14.

On Twitter, Avenatti shared some incriminating lines the Kelly allegedly states in the tape, consisting of “Give me the 14 year old pussy” and “Show daddy that 14 year old pussy.” He also claimed to have “substantial evidence that R. Kelly and also his enablers deliberately hid this tape indigenous prosecutors in link with his 2008 trial and obstructed justice by payment witnesses to aid them in an effort to ruin all copies of the tape before trial.”

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Avenatti called The daily Beast that he is conscious of a third tape showing Kelly v an underage victim. He stated he is functioning to get the tape.

The girl ~ above this brand-new tape, i m sorry Avenatti claimed he it is registered to prosecutors in ~ the chef County State’s Attorney’s Office in Chicago yesterday, is the same human being as the one on a ahead tape submitted by Avenatti, according to the attorney. CNN supposedly reviewed this prior tape, and it also allegedly shows Kelly “performing multiple sex acts” and also urinating on a girl who repeatedly refers to herself together 14 year old. Both videos contain sex acts the are comparable to those in a previous video clip that emerged during Kelly’s boy pornography in 2002 (he was later acquitted).

Kelly’s attorney, Steve Greenberg, called The daily Beast: “I think that the public conversation of boy pornography is perhaps illegal. I would also hope that Mr. Avanetti would respect the process but that does not. Unfortunately he falls short to follow the ethical rules the bind united state as attorneys in Illinois.”

Avenatti stated that Chicago police have actually been “phenomenal.”

“This is a bad man,” Avenatti called The day-to-day Beast. “This guy is a psychopath. Yes no question around it and when this thing ultimately gets busted vast open, human being are going to it is in shocked in ~ the level of depravity. I recognize I am.”

“If these girls no black and also poor, because that the most part, this would have finished a lengthy time ago,” that added.

On Monday night, Kelly to be released indigenous jail after posting a $100,000 link on his $1 million bail.