You may remember the Disney Channel"s "The Suite Life the Zack and also Cody," which aired native 2005-2008, included a pair that female pair in Season 2 to match Dylan and Cole Sprouse"s titular characters. Like "Sweet Valley High""s Tiffany and also Brittany Daniel and also "Full House""s mary Kate and also Ashley Olsen before them, this pair that young blonde pair made an prompt impression — and also they had British accents to boot. 

The actresses" names were Camilla ("Milly") and also Rebecca ("Becky") Rosso — and Becky is enlarge by much less than a minute, she called Portrait Magazine. Camilla played Janice, while Rebecca was Jessica (er, us think). However after that 2010 "Suite Life on Deck" episode, castle weren"t checked out on-screen anymore. So what precisely happened come them? Why did these young women, that were musicians and actors, suddenly disappear native public life? It"s unclear precisely why they made decision to leave the to chat industry, however there space some points we do know around their all-too-short show-business career. 

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According come an interview the young ladies did v Fanpop, the two were pulled the end of an audience when they went to a taping of "The Suite Life," and the executive producer inquiry if they"d audition. "Getting uncovered was a dream come true. It was amazing, us didn"t think stuff like that happened in actual life, just in films. That was really cool and very surreal as well," Milly said the publication. And also Becky, when asked around their interest in display business, said, "We always really wanted to be actresses and singers and also dancers, however our mother said the it was a hard service to acquire into." She detailed that they"d always acted, danced, and sang through their other sisters, however didn"t have sufficient money to begin their careers. "But as soon as we were discovered in the audience, by chance, we chose to get into acting and also we love it!" she said.

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After a couple of months of acting lessons, they an initial appeared in the illustration "Twins in ~ the Tipton," in i beg your pardon a twin convention concerns create destruction at the Tipton Hotel where the guys live. They proved up six an ext times in the series, finding out to ballroom dance, authorized the college cheerleading team, and also generally being romantic interests because that Zack and Cody. Janice and also Jessica also came earlier in a second-season episode of the follow-up series, "Suite Life ~ above Deck." your characters, Janice and Jessica, had actually been hired as models and were doing their first shoot on plank the U.S.S. Tipton.

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Initially, the actresses appeared to it is in going places. After your recurring function on "The Suite Life" ended, they starred in the straight-to-DVD "Legally Blonde" franchise spinoff "Legally Blondes" that also aired on abc Family and the Disney Channel. The Reese-Witherspoon-produced film seemed prefer a an excellent vehicle native which come launch your future stardom. Castle didn"t also have come audition for the roles: MGM saw them in "The Suite Life" and wanted to carry out a task with them, together Becky Rosso said media in a conference speak to interview published by shooting Stars Mag. 

She stated they found doing their very first movie to be a nerve-wracking experience because lines would certainly be changed right prior to filming. "One that the points that was an overwhelming was that we had actually so many lines and we had to memorize them and also then sometimes they would adjust the present right prior to we had to movie it," Becky Rosso said. "I feel confident in my acting as soon as I have actually time to prepare, so the was quite challenging. But at the same time, ns grew and also I learned something and also I think I"ll be even far better on the collection in my next film," she said. 

At the time, she also spoke the a series the 2 were functioning on, which had actually a script in development. As much as anyone have the right to tell, nothing came of this. The is uncertain if the project was the exact same as the pilot castle did because that the Disney Channel (via Kidzworld), which apparently didn"t acquire picked up. And the twin sisters never ever did another film or TV show.

The Rosso sister aren"t just British; it turns out that their mom is British, however their father is Latino, follow to a YouTube video Becky and Milly did through sisters Lola and Georgina, and also they all spent time in England, Venezuela, and also Colombia while farming up. (They actually have actually one an ext sister who shows up to not have pursued the limelight.) The Rossos additionally recorded a song referred to as "Lucky Girl" that was used in "Legally Blondes," i m sorry was among their first forays into music. 

At the time they make the YouTube video clip in 2014, they were opening for Demi Lovato on her Neon lights tour through songs choose "Hola Hola" and the unreleased "I like Boys." Distractify reports the they were signed through Capitol Records and were repped by Kevin Jonas Sr., the father of the Jonas brothers. In at an early stage 2014, the family-based group released a four-song EP, i beg your pardon is still easily accessible on iTunes.

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So, their musical career started going well, even if they had stopped acting by this time. They to be posting on society media and appeared to be really present in the to chat business and also happy to be there. However, their household then experienced a tragedy the apparently changed their lives for good and transformed their thinking around stardom, too. 

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Checking out the final posts on the Rosso sisters" social media evokes a sense of sadness, together they spoke around their mother"s illness. In September 2014, they posted an Instagram upgrade saying the they"d simply run a 5K for pancreatic cancer, "a cause an extremely close 2 our hearts." In October, castle posted an additional update, saying the they had involved the east Coast, where their mommy was having surgery for she pancreatic cancer. "If you room going through a difficult time through a loved one who has actually a severe illness, you space not alone," the sisters claimed in an image. "Don"t give up hope, even in the darkest days. Us were originally given disastrous news & currently our prayers have actually been answered & we have actually hope again." 

Although they posted a couple of times ~ above Twitter later in the loss referencing fan support, the next Instagram post, indigenous February 2015, to be a photo of their mommy Anthea together a younger woman. The sisters composed that they were "heartbroken & devastated" by the death of their mom after a hard cancer battle. "She was our best friend and also inspiration, & the most caring, loving, selfless, kind-hearted human we can ever imagine. After lot thought & consideration, we have made decision not to carry on through our girl group and making music, & come close this chapter in ours lives, even though it was simply the beginning and we hadn"t exit music in the united state yet," lock wrote. Lock apologized and also thanked their fans, noting, "during these extremely daunting past couple of months, ours hopes and dreams because that the future have changed."

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Not much has been heard publicly from the sister since, either jointly or individually. With countless former boy stars, a wedding, pregnancy, birth, or other far-ranging event might be reported in the press even if the once-famous surname isn"t ~ above radars any type of longer. This isn"t the situation with the Rossos. If most of the sisters have actually social media accounts today, they are under different, unknown names. However, friend can uncover Milly with an old, private on facebook account. 

TV end Mind states that both sister married in 2018 and also Becky has a career in user interface/user experience design but it"s unclear whereby this details stems from. The Rossos — all 5 of them, not just Milly and also Becky — show up to have taken on private life completely and successfully. When it"s most likely that your mothers" fatality was the catalyst for this change, fans may never fully understand specifically what thought procedures led them come their present paths. Hopefully, everything those routes are, they"re happy wade them.