"It doesn't matter exactly how much money you have ... You can't intimidate human being to make points go better for you," Jennifer Hough said.

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Nicki Minaj and Kenneth petty arrive in ~ the Marc Jacobs fashion present at the Park avenue Armory top top Feb. 12, 2020, in new York City.Gotham / GC images file
Jennifer Hough, the woman that accused Nicki Minaj"s husband the rape, spoke out in her very first televised interview around a sue she filed versus the pair accusing lock of harassment and intimidation.

Hough stated she has lived in fear over the critical year and alleged the Minaj and her husband, Kenneth Petty, offered their associates to shot to force Hough to recant she statement around the September 1994 rape.

Petty welcomed a plea deal in the case and was judge of first-degree check rape in brand-new York. He served virtually four year in state prison prior to he was released.

Hough said Wednesday top top the daytime talk show "The Real" that she to be speaking out since she to be "tired of being afraid."

"I feel favor the actions that were take away in regards to this whole situation have put me in a different type of fear at my age now. And also it was wrong," she said. "And i don"t desire to be fear anymore, so the only means not to be fear is to continue to speak up."

Hough claimed in the lawsuit the the pair began contacting her and members of her family members following Petty"s arrest because that failing to register as a sex offender in California after he moved to the state from brand-new York. Small pleaded guilty in that situation earlier this month and will be sentenced in January.

In an to exclude, interview,, Jennifer Hough, the woman suing Nicki Minaj and also her husband Kenneth Petty end allegations including witness intimidation and harassment, opens up around the lawsuit and speaks out for the an initial time top top camera. (2/3) pic.twitter.com/ZRS7m9BBGc

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The couple"s associates available Hough and her family money, contacted Hough"s daughter and tried to guide Hough right into signing a prepared record that stated the rape never ever happened, according to the lawsuit.

Hough claimed on "The Real" that Minaj personally called her in in march 2020 and also offered to fly her family members to Los Angeles if Hough recanted her statement.

"I turned the down and also I said her mrs to woman, this yes, really happened," she said. "And i hadn"t spoken to her since."

Hough alleged in the fit that since she consistently turned under the offers, she started to receive threats, a insurance claim she repeated throughout Wednesday’s interview.

"The last occurrence was when one of your associates placed $20,000 on mine lap, and I still kept saying no. The last blog post I received was that i should have actually taken the money because they"re gonna use that money to placed on mine head," she said.

Tyrone Blackburn, Hough"s attorney, stated on "The Real" the his client was harassed for a duration of seven months critical year. Follow to Hough, she had to adjust her phone call number and also relocate lot of times.

She stated she moved away from she children because she didn"t desire them to be affected by the threats.

"I"ve simply been sort of in fear for the critical year," Hough said in the interview.

Representatives for Minaj walk not instantly return a inquiry for comment Thursday. An attorney for Petty declined to comment on the interview. Minaj formerly commented about her husband"s past, writing in an Instagram short article that he and also the victim were "in a relationship" — a claim Hough denies in the lawsuit. The rapper additionally told fans on she Queen Radio show that her husband was wrongfully accused the rape.

Hough additionally tearfully recounted the Sept. 16, 1994, attack during Wednesday"s interview. Hough, that was 16 at the time, claimed she ran right into Petty, also 16, while waiting for a bus to take her to school.

"He inquiry me whereby I was going. I claimed I was going come school. I asked him wherein he to be going. He said he to be going to school, too. I might have said something like, "Yeah, right." and I turned away from him," she said. "Before you understand it, he was grabbing ahold of my jacket. Ns felt miscellaneous in mine back, therefore I just assumed it was ... I assumed it was a gun and I started walking."

"And I"m pleading with him the entirety way. I"m trying to understand what does he want," she continued.

Hough stated Petty walked her to a house, thrust the former door open and took her to an upstairs bedroom. She stated she "pleaded v him" and also kept asking him what that wanted.

"And then he said I knew what the wanted. He pushed me down on the bed. We wrestled because that my clothes. ... I don"t know why the didn"t dawn ~ above me to really fight. Ns just hosted on to my pants, and also he"d hold my eight down. The squeezed the sides of my stomach so hard and so i let go," she recalled. "And as shortly as ns let go, he"d grab mine pants. It was favor a tug-of-war. And after a while i just acquired tired."

After the assault, petty stood in the mirror, win his chest and said, "I"m the man, I"m the man," according to Hough.

She was able to escape from the house and also run to her high college where she said a protection guard. The police were contacted, and also Petty to be arrested. Hough said she was intimidated and harassed because she obtained the police involved. Fearing retaliation, Hough"s household made her walk to the courthouse top top the job of Petty"s hearing, for this reason she might drop the charges.

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The inquiry was denied, and also shortly climate Hough claimed she relocated out of brand-new York.

I"ve lost so lot respect for Nicki... This is past disappointment it"s disgusting. Https://t.co/FmaEYlrWw0

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God i hope she has actually protection, solid loved ones around her and also support.Jennifer Hough deserves to be heard & believed. Https://t.co/RggDGNxZQM

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