Keziah Daum the Salt Lake City believed her prom dress was beautiful — but others observed it together disrespectful.

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Keziah Daum uncovered herself in hot water after wearing this dress to prom last month in Salt Lake City, Utah.Michael Techmeyer
When Utah teenager Keziah Daum finally uncovered her prom dress, she had actually no idea of the dispute it would cause.

She discovered "the one" at a vintage shop in downtown Salt Lake City, wherein the 18-year-old is finishing increase her last year the high school.

"One of the components was the usual neckline," Daum told now Style, recalling why she fell in love v the dress. "Also, just how unique and absolutely gorgeous that was. The was yes, really special."

But picture of Daum in the red dress recently brought about an uproar on society media, wherein many human being accused her of social appropriation.

"My culture is no your goddamn prom dress," one Twitter user wrote, explaining the Daum"s dress is called a qipao, a traditional Chinese garment.

"I"m proud of mine culture, consisting of the extreme barriers marginalized civilization within that society have had actually to conquer those obstacles," he added in a different tweet. "For that to just be subject to American consumerism and cater to a white audience, is parallel to colonial ideology."

The tweets kicked off a conversation about social appropriation in fashion, and also whether Daum"s dress went as well far.

She comment to the criticism ~ above Twitter, creating in part, "I mean no disrespect come the Chinese culture. I"m just showing my evaluation to your culture."

Daum told this particular day she uncovered the dress at a thrift keep in downtown Salt Lake City, and also instantly assumed it to be beautiful and unique. Michael Techmeyer

Daum told now that she understands whereby her doubters are coming from — she simply doesn"t agree.

"Being aware and respecting societies is among the greatest things when it involves this," she said. "My on purpose was never ever to it is in racist, provocative or (to show) cultural appropriation. I was in fact showing mine appreciation because that the culture."

Some took concern with a picture Daum common of her and her friends bowing through their hands in prayer, a gesture they understood as racist. Daum has actually said that the gesture was in reality a reference to a pose excellent by a popular YouTube comedian named Ethan Klein (who has since talked up in assistance of Daum), and had naught to execute with her dress.

Many world see no trouble with what Daum wore come prom critical month. In fact, few of her supporters room Asian, as The brand-new York time pointed out.

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"It"s ridiculous to slam this as cultural appropriation," Zhou Yijun, a social commentator in Hong Kong, told the Times. "From the view of a Chinese person, if a foreign woman attract a qipao and thinks she watch pretty, then why shouldn"t she undertake it?"

Daum claimed she received compliments once she wore the dress to prom critical month. And despite the backlash, she said she wouldn"t perform things in different ways if she had the chance.


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