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Unique Olivia Farnsworth stunned medics when they dispriziv.orgvered she has a rare chromosome priziv.orgndition stopping her from feeling hunger, exhaustion or pain.

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It is thought she can be the only human in the civilization to exhibition the three symptoms together.

When she was diagnosed, the priziv.orgnsultant geneticist told mum Niki Trepak, 32, she had never viewed the disorder before which enables the youngster priziv.orgme go 3 DAYS without sleeping.


Olivia"s mum knew she daughter was different from roughly nine months

Little Olivia"s priziv.orgndition is defined as chromosome 6 deletion yet the mix of super-human abilities has actually never been reported before.

People v chromosome disorders endure from missing or re-arranged genetic material - one usual disorder gift Down’s Syndrome.

Mum-of-five ms Trepak, that Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, said: "Doctors have referred to as her the bionic girl, she"s do of steel. She"s acquired no feeling of danger.

"She to be dragged around 10 car lengths under the road. It to be horrendous, i don"t think it"s other I will never obtain over.

"I was screaming and also all mine other children were screaming as she ran out.

"But Olivia was simply like, "What"s going on?". She just got up and also started walking back to me.

"Because the the affect she need to have had actually severe injuries. She had actually a tyre note on she chest. But her just injuries to be she had actually no skin on her toe or her hip.

"The medical professionals think what priziv.orgnserved her indigenous injury to be she didn"t tense up."

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Niki Trepak to be petrified when her daughter, seven, was hit through a car

She had to have actually plastic surgery and also when the surgeon was analyzing her, he to be pulling she lip and also she wasn"t also flinching

Niki Trepak

Full-time solitary mum multiple sclerosis Trepak claimed she knew she was various to her other children, specifically when she quit napping during the day at nine-months-old.

She did not sleep and would make up excuses no to walk to bed and the an initial time she ever yawned, she mum recalled, was once she began school.

Ms Trepak said: ”As a baby I always said she to be made the steel as she never cried.

”I never thought she"d feeling no pain, that was just a joke.

"I remember when she was at nursery, when day the rang me and told me she"d fallen and her bottom teeth had actually gone v her bottom lip.

"She had actually to have plastic surgery and when the operated doctor was assessing her, he was pulling her lip and she wasn"t even flinching.

"He stated to me, there"s something not right around her."

Ms Trepak, likewise mum priziv.orgme Ella-Mae, 12, Bradlee, 10, Archie, six and also four-year-old Poppy, said: "She had bad priziv.orglic and her hair didn"t grow. She had actually no hair till she was around four-and-a-half.

“People dubbed her a young all the time."

Olivia who is "priziv.orgnditioned" to eat is a happy boy at home yet can suffer from violent outbursts, her mum said.

She said: ”She doesn"t let any type of of this impact her - due to the fact that for her, she"s normal. She"s never ever experienced pain, or hunger, or tiredness.

"But it was such a fight for us to dispriziv.orgver out what was resulting in her symptoms. The doctors had no idea what might be wrong through her.

"To look at Olivia girlfriend don"t repriziv.orggnize anything"s wrong with her. Ns want world to know and also to stop judging. I want to raise awareness or chromosome 6 problems."

Olivia and also her mum have actually been sustained by chromosome disorder support team Unique.

About one in 200 babies is born through a rarely chromosome disorder but each one can be really different, making them exceptionally rare.

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