A man who licked the within of an ice cream cream carton in a Texas Walmart has actually been thrown in jail.

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D'Adrien Anderson, 24, tape-recorded himself licking a tub of ice cream cream within a Walmart and also then placing it ago into the store freezer ~ the upsetting moment.

D'Adrien Anderson recorded himself licking a tub of ice cream cream inside a Walmart in TexasCredit: Instagram

Anderson has been sentenced come 30 days in jail with second 180 days probation over two years because that the respectable 2019 incident, Port writer News reported.

He is now forced to complete 100 hours of ar service.

The video, i m sorry was common to Facebook and has since been taken down, received an ext than 160,000 views.

It mirrors Anderson, of harbor Arthur, Texas, grabbing a container of Blue Bell ice cream, removing the lids, continually licking the ice cream, and also putting his fingers into the ice cream cream.

According to Port writer News, Jefferson County ar Attorney’s Office released a statement, i beg your pardon read: “Anderson’s actions resulted in public concerns about the safety and also quality of customer products readily available for publicly consumption, influenced Blue Bell customer confidence and also caused the agency financial loss.

“This form of activity will no be tolerated.

"The Jefferson County ar Attorney’s Office and the port Arthur Police room want the general public to recognize that such cases will it is in taken seriously and appropriate criminal charges will certainly be filed.”

Anderson should pay a well of $1,000 and also a restitution of $1,565 to Blue Bell Creameries.

The video, i m sorry was common to Facebook and also has since been bring away down, received an ext than 160,000 viewsCredit: Instagram

Anderson is seen through his fingers in his mouth after ~ licking the ice cream tubCredit: Instagram

Walmart said: "If food is tampered with, or a customer wants to leave the impression that they left behind adulterated product, we will certainly move conveniently with law enforcement to identify, apprehend and also prosecute those who think this is a hoax – the is not," metro UK reported.

Anderson pleaded guilty in court top top January 15.

Despite Anderson showing cops a receipt of his ice-cream, i beg your pardon he asserted to purchased ~ the video was taken, Walmart revitalized its ice cream inventory.

His sentencing come after a spate the ice-cream licking incidents.

Last summer, a Texas woman also licked Blue Bell ice cream right from the bath tub before putting it earlier in the supermarket freezer.

The woman, that was later established by police, to be featured in a viral video that obtained more than 11million see on Twitter.

She to be warned she would face a 20-year prison sentence and thousands of dollars in fines.


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Another prankster, in a ailing copycat video, was filmed just days after ~ the Texas woman's video went viral.

Lenise young name III, 36, to be arrested ~ slurping Blue Bell ice cream cream and also putting his finger within the bathtub at a shop in Belle Rose, Louisiana.

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Even despite Martin III proved a receipt that his ice cream cream purchase, he to be still charged with unlawful posting that criminal task for notoriety and publicity, and also tampering v property.