A WOMAN that gouged the end both the her own eyes throughout a meth-induced psychotic episode has actually received her very first pair the prosthetic eyeballs.

In February of 2018, Kaylee Muthart, 20 in ~ the time, ripped out her eye while high top top meth in southern Carolina.

Muthart told human being that she believed if she plucked she eyes out, she would save the world.

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WLTX reported that the last thing she observed was a irradiate pole morphing into a white dove as trees curled downward and also skies darkened, resulting in her come think the civilization was ending.

She was rushed come hospital, where doctors told her that she would be blind for the remainder of she life.

But the appalling incident served as a catalyst because that positive adjust in Muthart's life – she gotten in rehab and committed to quitting drugs for good.


Muthart assumed if she plucked she eyes out, she would conserve the worldCredit: SWNS

Two years later on the southern Carolina aboriginal is clean and also healthy, and also on august 5 she received her first pair that prosthetic eye – listed by Dr. Joseph Gorrin, the Gorrin’s Clinic in Greenville, SC.

“I was so excited to gain them,” claimed Muthart, 22, who is currently enrolled in remote school. “I simply wanted to appear much more normal come the external world.”

Her loving friend Alex George, 42, was there come witness the extensive moment.

“It melted my heart,” George said. “She was never any type of different come me, however I understand she’s want this because that a an extremely long time and also I’m so happy she has actually this now. Ns felt so lot joy, love, appreciation and thanks to God."


Muthart has actually learned to it is in self-sufficient and she will soon receive a overview dogCredit: SWNS

"Seeing Kaylee happy provides me happy. She is constantly an upbeat and also positive person, but this made she extra happy. The was significant to have the ability to look in she eyes.”

According come Muthart, George cried when he experienced her.

After her brand-new eyes to be fitted Muthart FaceTimed with her mom, Katy Tompkins to present her the result.

“She cried with pleasure too,” said Muthart. “She is therefore excited because that me and this following chapter in my life.”


Murhart FaceTimed her mother Katy to display her the new prosthetic eyesCredit: https://www.gofundme.com/551e4j4

Muthart celebrated her brand-new eyes v a dinner v her friend at Applebees, whereby they had actually their an initial date.

“Before we had actually dinner I placed on my own makeup because that the very first time because I lost my sight, the felt an extremely special," she said.

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Attending blind school has taught Muthart exactly how to it is in self-sufficient and she will soon receive a guide dog to assist her in her day-to-day life.

She has learned a "decent amount" of brail, have the right to cook, use a stove, wash clothes, make a bed and also even look at after pets.


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Muthart is plan on going back to institution to gain her high institution diploma and also an associates degree.

"I've come together a long means from 2 years ago," she said. "Coming off meth was awful, physically and mentally, there to be hallucinations and psychosis, yet I overcame it many thanks to God."

Murhart has started writing a book around her experiences, i beg your pardon holds the working title ‘Kaylee’s Story.’


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