A young Edmonton woman has actually earned global acclaim for an unusual skill. Ava Vogel, 17, have the right to perfectly emulate the activities of a horse.

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Edmonton's Ava Vogel, 17, can perfectly emulate the activities of a horse. She has actually been horsing about for years. (Nathan Gross/priziv.org)

A gallop. A canter. Even the broken trot of a dressage mare. 

A young Edmonton woman has earned global acclaim because that an unusual skill. Ava Vogel, 17, have the right to perfectly emulate the movements of a horse.

And she "weird talent" has the decidedly bipedal girl jumping choose a steed into the pages of Ripley's believe It or Not!

The publication — which details people and events so bizarre that readers could question the claims — scouted Vogel and her jumping talent for its recent edition, which hit keep shelves this week. 

Vogel spends her days galloping v her backyard on all fours. 

Her specialty? show jumping. She have the right to leap end vertical beams more than one metre high. 

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Alberta teen scouted for her steed imitation

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Ava Vogel taught herself exactly how to jump like a horse, a talent that’s attracted the attention of Ripley's think It or Not! 1:02

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She leaps over each obstacle — picnic tables, poles suspended native cinder blocks — her body staying vertical as her hands hitch up choose hooves. 

"I run around and also I gallop approximately on all 4 legs and shot to mimic a horse as finest I can," Vogel claimed in one interview Wednesday through priziv.org Radio's Edmonton AM.

"Some human being think it's very unique and also interesting and they assistance me and a lot of of civilization think it's an extremely weird and also strange, which ns can certainly understand." 

'It took a many training and also repetition'

Vogel began honing her skill six year ago. She trains daily. 

At first, she filmed herself clearing obstacles on 2 legs like a hurdler, however in 2017, inspired by videos she discovered on Instagram and also TikTok, she changed tack. 

She relied on she previous endure in the saddle. 

"I would look in ~ actual videos the horses and also I rode horses myself for this reason I figured out how the horse moved and I would carry that end to the person skeleton to number out just how I could apply that come myself," Vogel said. 

"It take it a lot of training and also repetition to be able to build increase the proper muscles and also a most stretching so mine wrists were solid enough to manage the impact." 

Videos of 'horse girls' have gone viral

While unusual, Vogel is no the just one horsing roughly on the internet. "Horse girls" like her have gone famous for their videos. The trend got popularity through Ayla Kirstine, a Norwegian girl that amassed more than eight million views on she most famous horse-jumping video. 

Vogel has because trotted right into the mind of fans throughout the globe, compiling thousands of views on she videos and garnering attention from web page including Buzzfeed and also Daily Mail. 

The online community of "jumpers" is tight-knit and supportive, Vogel said. 

"I saw various other girls online who go it and also I was so interested in it," Vogel said. "It looked for this reason unique and so fun and I've been doing it ever since. 

"For me, it's just a kind of exercise; it's a great upper-body workout and I've made therefore many friends all throughout the world over the internet. It's a whole tiny community of us out there."