Using an virtual German website, a teen model claims to have auctioned her virginity because that $3 million. The 19-year-old shoot a video clip of it s her explaining the she to be doing this come pay because that her institution fees and likewise to take trip in future.

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Teen version Giselle made decision to auction her virginity but didn’t ‘dream that the bid would climb so high’. (Source: Bootymotion TV/YouTube)

An American student and part-time model, who goes by the name Giselle, has claimed that she’s marketed her virginity come an Abu Dhabi businessman because that $3 million (approx Rs 19.5 crore). According to the Cinderella Escorts website, which is a Germany-based escorts organization where the auction take it place, the highest bidder to be a businessman from Abu Dhabi v €2.5 million, the second highest bid was by a Hollywood actor from Los Angeles through $2.4 million, trailed by bid that $1.8 million native a Russian politician.

Giselle, who is 19 year old, shooting a video clip of herself explaining that she was doing this to pay for her college fees and also to take trip in the future. She also included that she should have the ability to do what she wants with her body as it is she choice.

“I would never have dreamed that the bid would climb so high and also we would have reached €2.5 million. This is a dream come true,” she told The Sun. “I think the tendency to sell your virginity is a type of emancipation and I to be shocked about people that are against allowing a woman to offer her virginity. If I desire to invest my first time with someone that is no my an initial love, it is my decision.”

Watch the video clip here:

She also said the while it was she decision come auction she virginity, she offered the website together it was a for sure medium. The news report quoted the company as saying that Giselle will be add by defense to the meeting.

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Run by 27-year-old German, january Zakobielski native his bedroom in Dortmund, Cinderella Escorts grabbed eyeballs throughout 2016 when when 18-year-old Romanian version Aleexandra Kefren offered her virginity come a Hong Kong businessman for approximately €2.5 million.