LUFKIN, Texas — A Texas teenager might be facing charges ~ a viral video appeared to display her licking ice cream cream at a Lufkin Walmart and putting it ago on the shelf.

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Suspect may be charged with tampering with a consumer productBlue Bell eliminated Tin Roof ice cream cream indigenous Lufkin Walmart shelvesPolice are trying to find man that is involved

The Lufkin Police room is investigating a video clip that mirrors a teens licking a carton the Blue Bell tin Roof ice cream cream. The teens is seen laughing as she locations the carton back in the freezer. The video clip was posted to society media on June 28.

What kinda psychopathic actions is this?!

— Optimus Primal (
BlindDensetsu) June 29, 2019

People on social media determined the doubt as gift from mountain Antonio. That led authorities to believe the video was shot in a mountain Antonio store.

On July 3, Blue Bell instructed every one of its department managers to check out if they can identify the store shown in the video. Within an hour, the save was identified as a Lufkin Walmart. Police speak a Lufkin department manager established the Walmart based on the store’s distinctive merchandising that have the right to be checked out in the video.

Blue Bell has actually removed all half-gallons of believe Roof ice cream from Lufkin Walmart shelves. The company believes it has acquired the tainted container of ice cream cream.

“Our biggest issue is customer safety — in that regard we are glad to watch the tainted product turn off the shelves,” Lufkin director of public security Gerald Williamson said.

Police later derived surveillance video placing a female that matched the suspect’s summary at the Lufkin Walmart on June 28.

Police also identified an adult male who appears with the doubt in the security video. It shows up that he was behind the camera in the famous video.

Lufkin officials claimed they speak to the teen and also her friend on Friday. Police say they admitted to the act.

Lufkin police speak they will certainly not seek charges versus the teenager as one adult. They are turning the situation over to the youth justice system.

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“The safety and security of our ice cream cream is our greatest priority, and we work hard to maintain the highest possible level of to trust of ours customers,” Blue Bell claimed in a statement on the website. “Food tampering is no a joke, and also we will not pardon tampering v our products. We space grateful come the customers that alerted us and noted us v information.”

Police aren’t releasing the teenager’s name due to the fact that as a youth offender, her identity is defended under ar 58.104 of the Texas household Code.