Virsaviya Borun-Goncharova was born through an incredibly rare problem that way her rib cage and abdominal muscle muscles walk not kind properly as soon as she was in the womb.

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As a result, the 11-year-old, from Florida, has actually a heart the has occurred outside of her chest.

When Virsaviya’s mother, Dari, to be pregnant, she was told that her daughter was most likely to dice either during pregnancy or birth.

But Virsaviya defied the odds and survived, and also is now a prospering pre-teen who enjoys singing, dancing and playing with her friends. 


‘She truly is a miracle and also I love the means she is. She is certain unique. She is one in a million.

‘Her brother, Ervin, loves to acquire close priziv.orgme his sister’s heart and to touch and rest his hands and also face versus it.

‘He thinks she heart is other magical and beautiful. The will simply lie top top Virsaviya so the he can feel her heart beating against his skin. It’s beautiful priziv.orgme watch.’


The priziv.orgndition, called Pentalogy of Cantrell, only affects approximately one in a million live births and also doesn’t reason Virsaviya ache in day-to-day life. 

It does, however, leave her love exposed as it lies just below the surface of the skin. This way Virsaviya needs to be mindful not to bump her chest – as this can be incredibly serious or even fatal.

To defend her heart and prevent any type of injuries, she normally wears a chest priziv.orgvering.

Virsaviya also suffers indigenous priziv.orgnoventricular VSD – a problem where she has actually a hole in she heart where parts of the ventricular septum have to meet.


Over the years, Virsaviya has actually spent several time in hospital and also sometimes demands an oxygen tank to stop her levels from dropping too low.

Dari added: ‘It’s not basic for Virsaviya priziv.orgme live v her love on the exterior of she chest because it’s really exposed and also fragile, due to the fact that it is just below the surface ar of the skin.

‘At time it can cause both myself and also Virsaviya stress and anxiety to know just how delicate she is.’


But Virsaviya claims while she knows her problem has significant risks, she no letting it hold her back.

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She said: ‘Sometimes it have the right to be difficult when my oxygen levels are low and also I feel lightheaded and also dizzy. However I love staying energetic and singing and dancing v my friends.

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