Instagram star Claudia Oshry Soffer apologizes after previous racialism tweets and also ties with Islamophobic mother surface. 

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girlwithnojob social media account. Top top Wednesday, an attack tweet she posted when she was 16 has surfaced and also she came under scrutiny over she mother"s ties to an anti-Islamic group. 

The Oshry sister (Claudia, Jackie, Olivia and Margo) room living the brand-new York millennial dream, all running viral Instagram accounts and also hiding their connection to Pamela Geller, follow to The everyday Beast. 

The site reported that Geller is the Insta-famous girls" mother too as additionally an "anti-Islam activist, hate-monger, and diehard trump supporter" that is chairman of the team Stop Islamization the America (SIOA). The southerly Poverty Law center has explained her rhetoric as "hate speech." However, none of the sisters have actually denounced their mother"s extremist views and, instead, have an extremely carefully hidden their link to Geller. 

One example: critical Thanksgiving the sister posted a photograph to Instagram ~ above the same balcony however left mommy out that it. However, Geller posted her own photo top top that very same balcony (which has since been deleted) — indicating the the family members spent time together during the holiday. 

milo.yiannopoulos because that publishing mine book, FATWA," the subtitle of Geller"s deleted picture said. 

After the Oshry sisters relations to Geller surfaced, so did anti-Muslim tweets sent out by the girl themselves. 

"Listening come Obama talk about ISIS is choose listening to me talk around quantum physics," Claudia tweeted in 2015. She sister Jackie retweeted it and added, "Listening to Obama talk around ISIS is choose listening come me talk about boys. I too don"t understand the enemy", according to BuzzFeed.

Since then, Claudia has actually taken to Instagram to apologize to her 2.8 million followers in a video.

"First and also foremost, I simply need to apologize," she stated in the video reported by Newsweek. "Some news damaged this morning around who my mother is and then some really disgusting, vile, stupid tweets the mine resurfaced. I must come ideal out and say exactly how sorry i am. It’s not cool, it’s not funny. I was a dumb kid. Ns was 16 and also I assumed I to be being funny and cool ~ above Twitter — and also it’s not. I’m no racist. Ns can’t believe I even have come say that. I’m i m really sorry to anyone who review those tweets and also had a reaction and was upset, due to the fact that you’re totally entitled to the reaction. The so crucial for girlfriend to know that’s not that I am. And if you provide me the possibility to present you that I am and what ns stand for, I would be so grateful. I know that these things take time and also what ns did was not OK. I’m so sorry.”

Despite the apology, fans space fighting in the responses to her video — part claiming the the rush to calling her racist is brash and others saying the the strikes are justified. 

"I walk a most STUPID shit when I to be 16,"
tatatatasja posted in a answer to the apology video, "but I deserve to tell girlfriend one thing I absolutely did not do... Do racist comments. Not online, not ever."

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