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A Rockford, IL woman through no eight is suing McDonald’s, claiming the employees refused to serve her food due to the fact that she has actually no arms and was as well “disgusting” come serve.

She states McDonald’s offered her a $10 gift certificate as compensation.

From WREX (emphasis ours):

Dawn Larson to be born through Holt-Oram Syndrome, a hereditary disorder which reasons abnormalities in the hands, arms, and heart. She tiny hand are around 6 inch from her shoulders, therefore she does many things v her feet.

Dawn claims her disability’s never stopped her from top a normal life. “I do everyday things like daily people.” but on November 3rd, she says that changed. Larson pulled as much as the McDonald’s drive v on Kishwaukee Street and ordered food because that her and also her sons. She drove to the very first window, offered the cashier her credit card v her foot, and pulled up to acquire her food. Dawn says, “The an initial girl said, ‘Girl, girlfriend ain’t gained no arms’ and the manager stated she couldn’t hand me her food and also she just kept difficult to the reality that i didn’t have actually no arms and also she to be disgusted through it. I had actually the right to eat mine dinner and also feed mine kids and also they took the away native me.”

Dawn complained come McDonald’s and says they readily available her a $10 gift certificate in an answer to she complain. She’s now suing. “That’s saying McDonald’s condones and urges people to law the handicapped the way. I don’t want that blog post to come across.

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I want to fight for my rights and my children rights and also have these points changed,” she says.

At what allude did someone at McDonald’s check out a complaint this awful and also say, “Know what? Humiliated end a cheeseburger? $10 candlestick to carry out it.”

Rockford mrs Sues McDonald’s after Allegedly being Denied Food (Thanks, gleenyc!)

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