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Parker played hopeless romantic Carrie Bradshaw. Diane Freed and also Frederick M. Brown/Getty ~ leaving Carrie Bradshaw behind, Parker focused on her movie career, starring in films such as "The family Stone" and also "Failure come Launch." She likewise returned come the phase (where she acquired her start), certification in "How to success in company Without really Trying" alongside she future husband, Matthew Broderick.

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Parker, who turns 56 on march 25, also capitalized on her standing as a fashion icon by creating a apparel line named BITTEN for Steve & Barry"s, and a shoe collection for Nordstrom"s called the SJP Collection.

Even despite she declared that she"d never do a television display again, she returned to TV for a guest spot on the 4th season that "Glee" in 2012. Five years later, Parker announced the she was starring in a brand-new HBO comedy called "Divorce." The show ended in 2019 after three periods — and now, that course, she"ll be reprising her function as Carrie in "And just like That," the "SATC" revival.

Parker and also Broderick are among Hollywood"s longest-lasting marriages. The pair have three children: your son, James, and twins Marion and also Tabitha.

Kim Cattrall was poised to be the breakout star that "Sex and also the City," but hasn't to be able to replicate the level of success with current projects.


Cattrall played the group's resident professional on sex and relationships, Samantha Jones. Stephen Trupp/AP and Stuart C. Wilson/Getty

Cattrall"s sexually i was sure Samantha Jones to be the show"s breakout personality — the duty won she a gold Globe and also five Emmy nominations. But due to the fact that the show ended, Cattrall, 64, has actually distanced it s her from the spotlight.

She"s starred in multiple Canadian TV shows and also and BBC shows, but nothing has come close come the success she had with "Sex and also the City." Ironically, she was considered the many famous actors member going right into season one. In 2020, Cattrall starred ~ above the Fox collection "Filthy Rich," i beg your pardon she additionally executive-produced. It was canceled ~ one season.

Recently, her feud with former co-star Parker has actually put her in the headlines, along with the tragic death of her brother Christopher. She is i can not qualify to show up in the revival.

Kristin Davis took a step back from acting after her time ~ above the show and has been concentrating top top activism. She's slowly making her method back now, newly starring in Netflix movies.


Davis shown the prim and also proper Charlotte York. Stephen Trupp/AP and also Rich Fury/Getty

Davis, 56, additionally won critical acclaim for her portrayal together Charlotte York, the many old-fashioned member that the bunch. She to be nominated for an Emmy, a golden Globe, and also a sag Award.

While "Sex and the City" to be airing, Davis showed up on 2 other incredibly popular TV mirrors at the time, "Friends," and also "Will and also Grace." however after that, she didn"t show up on another show till 2014"s "Bad Teacher." She did, however, appear in a few feature films including "Deck the Halls" alongside co-star Parker"s husband Matthew Broderick.

In 2019, she starred in a Netflix rom-com opposite rob Lowe, "Holiday in the Wild." She organized the fact dating collection "Labor the Love" in 2020. In march 2021, she once again starred in a Netflix movie — this time, a mental thriller called "Deadly Illusions."

She is evidenced to it is in reprising her function as Charlotte in the revival.

She"s additionally an Oxfam ambassador(Oxfam is a collection of global charities concentrated on ending an international poverty), wontheHumane Society"s 2010 Wyler compensation (an award offered to a celebrity who has made news on instead of animals), and is a patron the the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

Personally, Davis embraced a baby girl, Gemma, in 2011, and also a boy, Wilson, in 2018.

Cynthia Nixon moved away native acting and also towards national politics — she ran for branch of brand-new York in 2018. Now, she's returning to Hollywood.


Nixon played lawyer Miranda Hobbes, the many rational, down-to-earth the the bunch. Handout and Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty photos

Miranda Hobbes is having actually something the a renaissance right currently — though people used to it is in unwilling to admit that they to be "a Miranda," the existing political climate and rise that feminism has actually made the general public take another look in ~ her, and they favor what they see.

IRL, Nixon, 54, is an outspoken figure about LGBT rights(she come out together bisexual and also has beenmarried to she wife, Christine Marinoni, due to the fact that 2012) and also breast cancer (she to win the an illness in 2006). She was called an ambassador forSusan G. Komen because that the cure in 2008.

Nixon announced her candidacy for governor of new York on march 19, 2018. Though she lost the democratic primary, she deserve a respectable 35% the the vote.

Besides she political life, Nixon has actually starred in Broadway shows, indie films, and long-running classic shows prefer "Law and also Order." Shewon an Emmy for her guest-starring role in a 2008 episode of "Law and Order: distinct Victims Unit" in i beg your pardon she play a mrs pretending to have dissociative identification disorder.

In 2020, she showed up in the Netflix collection "Ratched," and is set to star in "The Gilded Age," an HBO series created through "Downton Abbey" creator Julian Fellowes. Nixon is also confirmed because that the upcoming "SATC" revival.

Nixon shares two children, Charles and Seph, with her ex-husband, Danny Mozes. She and Marinoni welcomed kid Max in 2011.

Chris Noth reprised his function on "Law and also Order: Criminal Intent" after ~ his time as Mr. Big. He likewise had one more mega-hit through TV series "The an excellent Wife."

Big's name wasn't revealed till the final episode — it's John. Peter Kramer and Casey Curry/AP

Noth, 66, has actually a penchant for playing polarizing characters. Besides Mr. Big, who swung in between being Carrie"s perfect partner and also being terrified that commitment, he additionally played Peter Florrick on "The great Wife," a disgraced previous state attorney. He likewise played a cop ~ above "Law and also Order: Criminal Intent" from 1990 to 1995, and reprised his duty from 2005 to 2008.

Noth starred on on NBC"s FBI procedural "Gone" until 2018, and additionally appeared in the discovery Channel"s miniseries around the true story of the Unabomber, referred to as "Manhunt: Unabomber." He currently stars top top CBS collection "The Equalizer," a reimagining that the "80s display of the same name. It"s unknown if he"ll show up in the "SATC" rebirth — rumors swirled the he would not it is in returning, but he clapped earlier on Instagram.

Noth has two son with wife Tara Lynn Wilson. Their an initial son to be born in 2008, and their 2nd in 2020. The couple got married in 2012 ~ eight year of dating.

Eigenberg played Steve Brady, the dad of Miranda's son, and also her ultimate husband. Lawrence Lucier and Daniel Boczarski/Getty

Since his time as Steve, Miranda"s main love interest, ended, Eigenberg, 56, has actually been functioning steadily in the civilization of TV. He had appeared in many one-off episodes of renowned shows such together "Without a Trace," "Everwood," "NCIS," and also "Castle," amongst others. Eigenberg hasn"t been confirmed for "And just like That..." yet, though he apparently will not be returning. A rep officially told web page Six he was still in negotiations.

He joined the actors of "Chicago Fire" in 2012 and has showed up on its sisters show, "Chicago PD," as well. He welcomed his first son in 2009 with wife Chrysti. They had a daughter in 2014.

Evan Handler is also known for his time ~ above "Sex and also the City" as he is for his duty on "Californication."

Handler's personality Harry Goldenblatt, a Jewish divorce lawyer, to be the the contrary of whatever Charlotte thought she wanted. Evan Agostini and Joshua Blanchard/Getty

Harry and Charlotte"s connection was most likely the many heartwarming one on the entire show. It teach Charlotte to look previous appearances, and also even brought about her conversion come Judaism. The two additionally dealt through realistic fertility issues, a leave from the show"s generally more comedic tone.

After "Sex and the City" ended, Handler, 60, join the actors of "Californication," play the main character"s ideal friend, Charlie. ~ "Californication" ended, Handler remained on TV, many recently appearing in "The Astronaut Wives Club," "American Crime Story," and also "The Breaks." he starred in the sixth and final season that "Power." Handler"s involvement with the resurgence is unknown.

Handler and his mam Elisa"s daughter Sofia to be born in 2007.

Lewis played blacksmith Jerrod, Samantha's most serious relationship throughout the food of the show. Peter Kramer/AP and Christopher Polk/Getty

Though Smith to be young, he to be perfect for Samantha, and also eventually became the most important relationship that she had in the show (and subsequent movies). The stood by her through her meeting issues, infidelity, and also breast cancer.

On the show, Smith to be a model-turned-actor: in genuine life, Lewis, 49, followed the very same trajectory. Prior to his time ~ above "Sex and the City," he was a successful model for brands choose Guess and Hugo Boss, among others.

After the show ended, Lewis showed up on "Charmed" as the short-lived husband the Phoebe, an episode of "How ns Met your Mother," and most newly starred on "Midnight, Texas" together a fallen angel called Joe solid from 2017 to 2018.

Without Kim Cattrall"s Samantha (and your breakup in ~ the end of the an initial "SATC" film), it"s unclear if Lewis will show up in the revival.

John Corbett's duty in "My large Fat Greek Wedding" and its sequel made him a box-office success.

Aidan shaw was part of the Carrie-Big-Aidan love triangle. Sebastian Artz and Tommaso Bodi/Getty

Aidan to be the only guy that came close to in reality being a lifelong partner for Carrie, as well as Big. The debate still rages on regarding which one was the finest for her.

During the show, Corbett, 59, established himself together a box-office draw by starring in "My large Fat Greek Wedding" in 2002. He likewise starred in heartwarming movie such together "Raising Helen" and also "Raise her Voice," and also had recurring TV duties on "United states of Tara" and "Parenthood." He"s now well-known to a whole brand-new generation as the warm dad in the "To every the guys I"ve love Before" films. In 2021, he"s set to star alongside Katey Sagal in "Rebel," an ABC series based on the life of Erin Brokovich.

Corbett"s a multi-talented male — he has alsoreleased two nation albums.

Since 2002, he"s remained in a relationship with actress/model Bo Derek.

Aidan"s story seemed pretty bound up in ~ the finish of "Sex and also the City 2," therefore don"t host your breath because that a Corbett figure in "And similar to That..."

Willie Garson moved from a tiny recurring duty on "Sex and also the City" to a starring one on "White Collar."

Stanford Blatch has due to the fact that been described as the "token gay friend" that the show. Russ Einhorn/AP and also Tibrina Hobson/Getty

Stanford to be the perennially solitary ride-or-die girlfriend of Carrie"s, supporting her through plenty of relationships and other misadventures, until he finally uncovered his very own boyfriend, Marcus, who mysteriously disappeared in the movies. He ended up marrying Charlotte"s girlfriend Anthony in "Sex and also the City 2."

Garson, 57, followed "Sex and also the City" through a starring role in "White Collar," and guest clues on "Girl Meets World" and "Wizards of Waverly Place." most recently, he had a recurring role on "Supergirl."

Garson embraced a 7-year-old boyin 2010.

Any "Sex and also the City" contents wouldn"t be finish without Stanford, so finger crossed Garson provides an illustration in the revival.

Kyle MacLachlan was currently famous for his role as certified dealer Dale Cooper in "Twin Peaks" by the time he appeared on "Sex and the City," and he proceeds to pat iconic TV characters to this day.

MacLachlan played Charlotte's first husband, the troubled Trey MacDougal. Scott Gries and also Jamie McCarthy/Getty

Trey and Charlotte had actually a whirlwind romance, engagement, and also wedding — i m sorry led Charlotte to overlook some red flags, choose his vaguely unhealthy connection with his mother. The two at some point got divorced, top Charlotte come her next husband, Harry.

MacLachlan, 62, is particularly adept at play sinister characters, like the obsessive Orson Hodge in "Desperate Housewives," and also the mysterious Captain in "How i Met your Mother." He also dabbled in the Marvel universe by play Calvin Zabo, aka The Doctor, in "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."

In 2020, he played thomas Edison in "Tesla," and also appeared in "Capone." He"s going to play FDR in the upcoming collection "Atlantic Crossing."

MacLachlan additionally co-owns the wine label pursued by Bear, based in Washington.

He married his wife, Desirée Gruber, in 2002, and also the pair had boy Callum in 2008.

Remar was Samantha's on and also off friend Richard Wright. Frazer Harrison and also Astrid Stawiarz/Getty

Richard was among the few relationships in Samantha"s arc top top the present that had actually a lasting impact. She was ruined when she recorded him cheating ~ above her, and also he re-appeared afterwards in the display just to prove the Samantha was in reality really into Smith.

Remar, 67, obtained a Saturn compensation nomination because that his function as bother Morgan, Dexter"s dad in "Dexter." He also played the patriarch of the Salvatore household in "The Vampire Diaries." most recently, he has actually a starring role in The CW superhero display "Black Lightning."

However, he"s discovered the most successdoing voiceover work. Remar has actually lent his voice to "Justice league Unlimited," "The Batman," "The Spectacular Spider-Man," "Ben 10: extraterrestrial Force," and also "Young Justice," to surname a few.

Ron Livingston has ongoing to work in the TV world, newly starring in 2 shows: "Loudermilk" and "A Million small Things."

Livingston's character Jack Berger is most famed for the well known Post-it breakup. Tim Goodwin/AP and also Frazer Harrison/Getty

"I"m sorry. I can"t. Don"t dislike me."

Those 7 words led Jack Berger to go down in history as the man who used a Post-it keep in mind to break up through Carrie. He additionally delivered the heat that might be the many lasting donation to pop culture in every six periods of "Sex and the City:" "He"s simply not that into you."

After composing the Post-it and disappearing into the night, Livingston, 53, has actually had continued success in Hollywood. He"s showed up in vast movies such as "The Conjuring" and also "The Time Traveler"s Wife," and critically acclaimed indie comedy "Drinking Buddies." However, he has mostly grounding to TV, with roles on "Boardwalk Empire," "Search Party," "Loudermilk," and "A Million small Things."

Livingston married his co-star Rosemarie DeWitt in 2009, and the coupleadopted two daughters, Gracie and Esperanza.

Cantone play Anthony Marantino, the wedding-planner-turned-friend that Charlotte's. Lawrence Lucier and Fernanda Calfat/Getty

Anthony to be a supervisor flamboyantgay stereotype. He to be happily solitary throughout the show"s entire run, despite he confusingly acquired married come Stanford in "Sex and the City 2." He"ll most most likely beat leastmentioned in the revival.

Cantone"s one-man display was the first Broadway manufacturing to it is in recorded and also aired ~ above Showtime as a comedy special. He"s also appeared on lot of Comedy main roasts, and also was top top "The president Show" as former press secretary Anthony Scaramucci.

In 2011, Cantone, 61, married Jerry Dixon, a musical theater director and his companion of 20 years.

Mikhail Baryshnikov was a skilled ballet dancer before starring top top "SATC" — the hasn't action much since the display ended.

Baryshnikov play Carrie's polarizing friend Aleksandr Petrovsky, aka The Russian, in the show's last season. Scott Gries/Getty and also Jordan Strauss/AP

Carrie"s girlfriend disliked "the Russian" so much that castle supported large in paris to Paris to success her earlier in the series finale (even though they never liked him very much either).

Before turning to acting, Baryshnikov, 73, was called one that the ideal ballet dancers in history.

Since the show ended, he has showed up in simply three things: a TV movie dubbed "Place," an uncredited role in "Jack Ryan: shadow Recruit," and a recurring duty as himself on "Doll & Em" in 2015 — it seems unlikely that he"d popular music up in the revival.

Baryshnikov told Larry King in 2002 the he didn"t believe in marriage, however later married his longtime companion Lisa Rinehart (a other ballerina) in 2006. Your daughter, Anna, has complied with in she father"s (acting) footsteps, and currently stars in apologize TV"s "Dickinson."

Sternhagen play Bunny MacDougal, Charlotte's overbearing mother-in-law. Scott Gries and Slaven Vlasic/Getty

Bunny MacDougal to be the passive-aggressive, overly affiliated mother of Charlotte"s very first husband Trey. She eerily close partnership with Trey played a part in the death of his marriage to Charlotte. Sternhagen was nominated because that an Emmy for her performance.

After she time top top "Sex and also the City" ended, Sternhagen, 91, appeared in 3 plays, "Steel Magnolias," "Seascape," and "The Madrid." She also had a recurring function on TNT"s "The Closer," and also guest-starred in an illustration of "Parenthood."

Lynn Cohen didn't start acting till the '90s, as soon as she was in her 50s. She passed away in 2020 at age 86.

Cohen played Miranda's judgmental however loving housekeeper Magda. Andrew H. Walker and Dave Kotinsky/Getty

Some that the funniest moment of the show were the result of housekeeper Magda butting heads v Miranda around sexuality, motherhood, and working females — favor the time Magda purchase Miranda a roll pin, implying the a woman have to stay home and bake, rather than seek a career.

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Cohen appeared in multiple films and also shows ~ "Sex and also the City" ended, yet gained tendency exposure native her duty as Mags in the 2nd "Hunger Games" film, "Catching Fire." she last role was in an episode of "God Friended Me."

As Magda was so necessary to Miranda, we suppose her death to struggle her hard in the revival.