Uh what?(That"s right. That"s right. Bad Boy!)Don"t go, don"t go, don"t walk (Baby, don"t go)What? Uh!I love you, for this reason (One an ext chance)Uh, uh!Lyrically I"m, uh!Biggie, give me one an ext chanceUh, examine it out!Uh, lyrically I"m(One more chance)Uh uh, uh!(One more chance)What?Biggie, provide me one more chanceJunior M.A.F.I.A.! (Remix)Uh, small M.A.F.I.A.!First thing"s first: I, Poppa, freaks all the honeysDummies, Playboy bunnies, those wanting moneyThose the people I like "cause lock don"t get NathanBut penetration, uneven it smells prefer sanitationGarbage, i turn choose doorknobsHeart throb never, black and ugly together everHowever, I continue to be Coogi under to the socksRings and also watch filled through rocksAnd mine jam hit in your MitsubishiGirls pee-pee as soon as they see meNavajos creep me in your teepeeAs i lay down regulations like i lay carpetStop it if friend think they"re gonna make a profitDon"t view my ones, gon" check out my guns—get it?Now tell your friends Poppa hit it, then break-up itIn 2 as I flow with the small M.A.F.I.AI don"t understand what the hell is protecting against yaI"m clocking ya, Versace shades the town hall ya(Don"t go, don"t go, don"t go)Once ya grin, I"m in—game beginsFirst i talk around how i dress in thisDiamond necklaces, stretch LexusesThe sex is just immaculate from the back, ns getDeeper and also deeper, help you reach theClimax that your man can"t make(Come top top come on)Call him, tell that you"ll be home real lateAnd sing the break, uhBaby, right here I amI got that an excellent love girl, you didn"t know?All, I need is one an ext chance! One more chanceI can help you uncover yourselfI obtained that great love girl, you didn"t know?"Cause girlfriend don"t need nobody elseOne more chance remixShe"s ailing of that song on just how it"s therefore longThought he worked his until I handled my bizThere i is, significant Payne prefer Damon WayansLow down Dirty, even, like his brother KeenanSchemin", don"t leave your girl about me!True player for real, aks Puff DaddyYou ringing bells with bags from ChanelBaby Benz, traded in her Hyundai ExcelFully equipped, CD changer through the cell(Don"t go, don"t go, don"t go)She beeped me satisfy me in ~ twelveWhere you at? Flipping jobs, paying auto notes?While I"m swim in her women prefer the breast strokeRight stroke, left stroke to be the best strokeDeath stroke, tongue all under her throatNothing left to do yet send her residence to youI"m through, deserve to you sing the tune for me, boo?One an ext chance(I got that good love girl, you didn"t know?)Biggie give me one an ext chanceGive me much more chanceOne more chance(I gained that good love girl, you didn"t know?)Biggie offer me one more chanceOne more chanceSo what"s that gonna be? the or me?We deserve to cruise the world with pearls, gator boots for girlsThe envy of all women, crushed linenCartier wrist-wear through diamonds in "emThe finest women ns love v a passionYa man"s a wimp, I provide that ass a an excellent thrashin"High fashion flying right into all statesSexing me when your male masturbatesIsn"t this great? Your flight leaves in ~ eight(Don"t go, don"t go, don"t go)Her flight lands in ~ nine, my game just rewindsLyrically, I"m supposed to representI"m not just a client, I"m the player PresidentOne more chance(I got that an excellent love girl, friend didn"t know?)Biggie provide me one more chanceOne more chanceOne much more chanceBaby, right here I amBiggie provide me one more chance(I acquired that an excellent love girl, girlfriend didn"t know?)All I need is one more chance!(Come ~ above come on)One much more chanceOne an ext chanceBiggie offer me one an ext chance!(I gained that an excellent love girl, girlfriend didn"t know?)You don"t need nobody elseOne an ext chance!(I obtained that an excellent love girl, friend didn"t know?)Biggie offer me one more chance!All I require is one much more chanceCome ~ above come onBad boy, negative boy!East Coast, east CoastWest Coast, West Coast