WATCH: Models Julia Rose, Lauren Summer and Kayla Lauren celebrated flashing your breasts at the World collection on Oct. 27 – Oct 29, 2019

Major league Baseball has actually banned 2 women native its stadiums after they flashed your breasts behind residence plate throughout Game 5 the the World series in what they insurance claim was an effort to advanced money for your magazine’s fight versus breast cancer.

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Julia Rose, Kayla Lauren and Lauren Summer are presented in this cropped picture from Rose’s Instagram account ~ above July 24, 2019. Julia Rose/Instagram

The two women insurance claim they confirmed their breasts in ~ the video game to raise money for chest cancer by soliciting subscriptions to your site.

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“Our proceeds from Shagmag will be going come women v breast cancer and paying turn off their medical bills,” Summer tweeted top top Monday.

“Yes, us knew we would obtain banned, correct the letters space real, and yes i would execute it again,” she added in an additional tweet.

Rose told Barstool sports the stunt was to raise awareness for chest cancer. She additionally acknowledged the it was a ploy “to rise my very own profile,” yet claims it will assist her raise money for breast cancer through subscriptions to she site.

Shagmag’s publicly visible website does not cite breast cancer whatsoever. Chest cancer is likewise not pointed out on Rose’s Patreon site, which operation Shagmag subscriptions because that US$15 every month. Her site had roughly 9,300 subscribers ~ above Tuesday morning.

Global News has reached the end to Rose, Summer and also Shagmag public relationships for details about their claimed charitable efforts. Lock did no respond by push time.

1:38Astros assistant GM under fire for allegedly shouting obscenities at female reporters
Astros assistant GM under fire for allegedly shouting obscenities in ~ female reporters – Oct 23, 2019

Summer and also Rose can be viewed celebrating your stunt in a video clip posted Sunday by Kayla Lauren, a Shagmag version who add them come the game.

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“We simply flashed the entirety f—ing civilization Series, video game 5 baby,” they speak in the video. “Shagmag for life. F— breast cancer. Donate to chest cancer. F— cancer. Conserve the boobies. Shagmag because that life.”

Rose and Summer were no the just ones to get a major reaction the end of game 5 of the civilization Series. U.S. Chairman Donald Trump likewise attended the game, i beg your pardon was hosted in Washington. Fans greeted him with a according to chorus of boos.

0:57Trump greeted through boos at video game 5 of human being Series
Trump greeted by boos at video game 5 of World series – Oct 27, 2019

Rose and Summer will certainly not be enabled to attend video game 6 that the World collection — nor any other MLB game, for the matter.

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