Sex and also the City defined a generation. City hall Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and also Charlotte navigate careers, relationships and break-ups, aging, and also — many importantly — mrs friendship with each other gave countless of us desires of what life as an adult woman can look like.

Because that the 4 friends, pan dreamed of choose up your lives and also moving to brand-new York City ~ above a whim. Reality or not, the 4 women lived in beautiful apartments, dated beautiful men, and also — for better or for worse — they did it all in style. Among the points that so numerous fans love around the show is gaining to watch the beautiful fashion pieces that the characters choose, particularly the shoes.

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Sex and the City to be groundbreaking in countless ways, but the 90s were a various time in which females were meant to watch perfect. One of Sex and the City‘s stars is speaking out now on several of the an ext problematic components of the show, and also praising a more modern TV collection featuring solid women in the city that she thinks is way better.

‘Sex and the City’ has become a legend


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Sex and also the City premiered ~ above HBO in 1998 and also ran for 6 seasons, ending up being one of the world’s most recognizable series today. The protagonists all have different personalities and also values, showcasing the broad spectrum the what “being a woman” means.

For example, Charlotte has constantly dreamed of obtaining married and having a family, yet Miranda, on the various other hand, is focused almost entirely on she career as an attorney and also has no time for relationships. The present has received incredible acclaim and has won an outstanding amount the awards, consisting of at the golden Globes, The Emmys, and the screen Actors Guild.

Cynthia Nixon thinks Girls is much better thanSex and the City

thanks for the critical six seasons of laughing, crying and also feeling every the feels v #Girls.

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A more modern HBO show about women in new York City, Girls, was developed by actress Lena Dunham in 2012, eight year after the last illustration of Sex and also the City aired on the network. Girls different from Sex and the City in the it’s an ext unapologetic in its feminism. It follows millennial women in new York City together they navigate life, and also has received praise for its authenticity in reflecting female personalities that aren’t constantly perfectly placed together, beautiful, or also likable.

The actress who plays Miranda Hobbes in Sex and also the City, Cynthia Nixon, praised Girls because that this quality and also compared it to her very own show, i m sorry was thought about feminist in the time. She recalled exactly how much push female actors were still under as soon as she starred on Sex and the City: pressure to fit into a look the was thought about ideal.

“In Sex and also the City we had actually to be thin and look great all the time; in Girls they have permission come be much more real and less airbrushed,” she declared. 

What’s next for Nixon’s exhilaration career?

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Nixon recently turned 50, and she shared that this frees she from few of the stereotypical functions that room written for females in your childbearing years. She told various other actresses in a discussion for Net-a-Porter’s magazine, The Edit, that she looks front to the complex and amazing roles the she’s being offered now that she’s out of the “mom” zone, back she really is a mommy to a young boy in genuine life.

“If I’m still in the mommy area, it’s really vital that I’m basically benevolent,” she stated.

There are also rumors of one more Sex and the Citymovie, and also all evidence points come the fact that Nixon would be willing to reprise her role as lovable Miranda. Fans anywhere are crossing their fingers!