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Photo via AP/Charles Sykes

Traditionally a tenth wedding anniversary is marked by exchanging tin or aluminum, however for theirs, Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady instead shared two never-before-seen shots from their ultra-private Santa Monica church wedding ~ above Instagram. In Bündchen’s post, the version stands in ~ the altar in a Dolce & Gabbana gown alongside Brady during their ceremony. She captioned the image with a sweet blog post to she husband: “There is nothing that ns love much more in this world than you and our family. Thank you because that being on this journey with me and also for act the occupational that it takes to make it for this reason special.” Brady additionally shared a photo of the pair at the altar, his taken mid-smooch after the pair said “I do.” “Thank you because that loving me, for supporting my dreams, and also for nurturing our family members in the way that only you could. You are my rock, my love and also my light! ns love you and I love our family!” that wrote with the photo.

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I can’t think it’s already been 10 years since we’ve determined to go this life together… and also what incredible 10 years we’ve had! there is naught that ns love an ext in this people than you and our family. Thank you because that being ~ above this journey with me and also for act the work-related that the takes to do it for this reason special. May we continue growing together, walking side by next supporting and also loving one another for countless many years to come. Dare amo tanto❤ Não acredito que já faz 10 anos desde que nós escolhemos andar juntos nesta vida … e que incríveis 10 anos nós tivemos! Não há nada nesse mundo que eu ame mais que você e nossa família. Obrigada por estar nessa jornada comigo e por se dedicar para torná-la tão especial. Que possamos continuar crescendo juntos, caminhando lado a lado, apoiando e amando um ao outro por muitos e muito anos. Te amo tanto.

A write-up shared by Gisele Bündchen (


Ten year ago, i didn’t realize exactly how much I can love you and also the family we developed together. My heart is so full and I am so blessed! I understand our journey has actually not been easy, yet the challenges we have actually overcome have actually made our bond stronger and our love prosper deeper. Say thanks to you for loving me, for sustaining my dreams, and for nurturing our family members in the means that only you could. You space my rock, mine love and my light! ns love you and I love ours family!