In a revealing brand-new interview through PORTER magazine, supermodel Gisele Bündchen talked around everything from her marital relationship to Tom Brady, to she infamous separation with Leonardo DiCaprio. Bündchen additionally discussed her tremendous career through Victoria"s Secret, and the clauses she had actually when attract the brand"s often-skimpy clothing.

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Bündchen—who to be the highest-paid version in the civilization for 15 consecutive years in a row—signed a contract through Victoria"s secret when she was simply 19.

Per The Independent, Bündchen got an individual in her book, Lessons: My course to a coherent Life. She revealed, "For the very first five years, ns felt comfortable modeling in lingerie, yet as time go on, ns felt less and also less at ease being photographed wade the runway wearing just a bikini or a thong. Give me a tail, a cape, wings—please, anything to cover me up a little!"


Walking the runway in ~ the Victoria’s an enig fashion show advantage at the Cannes film Festival in might 2000.

In the model"s brand-new interview v PORTER magazine, Bündchen confirmed her cultivation unease through wearing revealing clothes. She explained, "I was constantly a human being who asked, "Can ns please cover mine butt?" In the studio ns don’t mind, it’s really controlled. However if you’re top top a runway, god knows. So, you’ll notice, i usually had a tiny skirt or cape come wear. They to be always very kind and accommodating once I claimed I did not feel comfortable."

Speaking of her superior credentials, the supermodel credits her success to her hard work: "I don’t know how I would certainly have achieved anything in mine life if ns didn’t have discipline. Discipline is my finest friend!"


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