Giuliana Rancic is one seriously liven lady. Although she"s quiet arguably most well-known for she stint hosting E!"s Fashion Police, the opposite the late, great, Joan Rivers, the in-demand TV personality has actually toyed with plenty of different careers end her lengthy time in the spotlight, from garments designer, to Prosecco seller, to skin care entrepreneur. Still, she happy location is the red carpet where, despite the millions of civilization watching at home, Rancic admits she feels "happy and also relaxed" (via In Style).

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After nearly two years commanding the red carpet for E!, Rancic made the shocking decision to say goodbye, informing People she stepped away both to spend more time v her family, and to concentration on her other goals in life. Rancic defined she to be looking to have, "That versatility to offer 100 percent to our restaurants and our various other businesses — to it is in doing things that we"re yes, really passionate about." ~ so much time in the business, she"s absolutely earned the best to take it a step back.

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She may not it is in a red carpet mainstay any type of longer (Rancic tho technically functions for E!, covering significant events here and also there), but her high-profile hosting job, i beg your pardon Rancic has held in ~ the network due to the fact that 2002, and also the requisite pay-check have no doubt provided the budding business man the room and liberty to do everything she wants going forward. According to Celebrity network Worth, Rancic was earning a chuck $3 million each year while at E!.

Aside from hosting and also the abovementioned business ventures, she created and co-produced MTV reality show Celebrity lab Superstar in 2007, as well as featuring top top her very own reality show, Giuliana and also Bill, the opposite gorgeous husband invoice Rancic. She"s featured together herself in movies including Fantastic Four: increase of the silver- Surfer, when she and also Bill co-founded and also run their very own reality and scripted TV production company, You and also I Productions (via iMDb).

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In maintaining with she desire to diversify she talents as lot a possible, Rancic also wrote and co-wrote several publications over the years; Think favor a Guy: how to acquire a guy by Thinking choose One, I Do, currently What?, Secrets, Stories, and Advice indigenous a Madly-in-Love Couple, and also Going turn off Script. as reported through E! News, Rancic partnered through charity The Pink Agenda, complying with her very own struggle through breast cancer, to create Fab-U-Wish, a charity the grants wishes to women enduring with breast cancer, therefore she"s additionally focused top top giving ago where she can.

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To date, Rancic has collected a network worth that $13 million, as per Celebrity net Worth, a number that"s only going to rise as she proceeds to branch the end elsewhere.