Staying ~ above script! Jerry O’Connell responded to ex-girlfriend Giuliana Rancic’s insurance claims that he cheated ~ above her v a freckles Girl, while showing up on the Wednesday, April 22 episode of Watch What happens Live.

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Earlier this month, one excerpt indigenous the Fashion Police host’s new book, Going turn off Script: just how I endured a crazy Childhood, Cancer, and Clooney’s 32 On-Screen Rejections, thorough Rancic’s romance through the was standing By Me gibbs — and also their succeeding fallout.

Rancic claimed that O’Connell cheated ~ above her through Spice Girl Geri Halliwell (known to the masses as Ginger Spice, or to the scribe as “one that the lesser Spices”). ~ she confronted him, the 2 reconciled until he met his current wife Rebecca Romijn.

A fascinated caller inquiry O’Connell about his reaction to the claims. “For those that you who don’t know, Giuliana Rancic is a personality on an additional network,” the Sliders star responded. “And we dated, then us didn’t date.”


Jerry O’Connell and also Giuliana Rancic at brand-new York Fashion main in 2004 J. Vespa/

Despite their sticky past, O’Connell only had kind points to say about his ex-girlfriend. “She’s a very nice girl,” the reflected. “I don’t desire to say anything negative. She a really nice girl. We had a really fun time. That was decades ago. Ns don’t think cell phones were used then. The was prefer horse and also buggy… It to be a while ago.” Click right here to see an ext old picture of Giuliana and Jerry.

During the live after present of WWHL ~ above Wednesday, O’Connell shared another amazing tidbit around a potential Hollywood conquest: Mariah Carey. Back in the ’90s, the actor was featured in Mimi’s “Heartbreaker” music video, which prompted Cohen to ask whether the 2 kissed “or anything” during their time on set.

“I went to college with the director of the video , and he was like, ‘Dude, you need to shoot this because that me ideal now,"” O’Connell recalled.

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“I really assumed I had a shot at Mariah Carey. Literally, I put some gelatin in my hair, that’s what us did in the ’90s, and I went under there, and I gotta phone call you, it to be working. Ns was invited earlier to she Winnebago… we were drinking champagne and I to be thinking, ‘This is walking to walk down."”

Unfortunately, the Elusive Chanteuse was date “a very famous star named Luis Miguel” at the time, O’Connell said. “He came in with his security team and also everything, and also I was like, the end of the trailer…. And that to be it. Ns think I can have had a shot.”


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