When Vine was shut down two years ago it left a enormous hole in ours hearts. Until we discovered TikTok, the new, not-really-new social media platform where users write-up short, 15-second clips of anything indigenous pranks come dance obstacles to videos of your pets pull in funny outfits.

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Formerly well-known as Musical.ly in the US, Chinese social media network tik has had actually a meteoric rise, coming to be an endless source of an innovative short sketches, comparable to the even much shorter Vine skits. That is ideal known because that its act-out and lip-synching memes backed through music and other sound clips, which space reproduced and also remixed among its young users. That"s likewise why that is regularly referred to together the lip-synching app.

Regardless, if you uncover TikTok cringeworthy and bizarre, that"s probably due to the fact that you prospered up in the age before the society web. Generation Z"s love the goofy online sharing platform and many now make money off it. It"s simple, funny and also irreverent – and also a refreshing adjust of speed from an ext serious platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. It"s the can be fried procrastination app and can suck girlfriend in for hours.

Here room 22 of the best TikTok memes we might find:

1. I"m already Tracer

The "I"m already Tracer" video clip has come to be the meaning of one earworm. The meme is a series of duets in which users document videos of themselves lip synching text from the tune "No Mercy" through The living Tombstone. It every started as soon as the Mashed YouTube channel uploaded an animated music video clip for the tune in 2017. The song has a segment in which YouTubers black color Gryph0n and also LittleJayneyCakes sing an discussion over which characters to play in the game Overwatch. The takeout native the song has spun off into thousands of tik videos of users acting out their very own version that the lyrics and has reached somewhat the a cult status.

2. Stair shuffle run challenge

Who doesn"t love a catchy beat? include to that some trip footed girls doing a stairway shuffle and also you"ve got yourself a viral meme. The tik stair shuffle dance difficulty had hundreds of users busting their moves up the stairs. It even led to the creation of tutorials on exactly how to do the dance and the track is merely addictive. (PS. Perform not try this at home without adult supervision.)

3. Dame Tu Cosita

The track “Dame Tu Cosita” (which converts to "give me her thingy”) was initially written in 1998 without much fanfare. Two decades later, in October 2018, it took turn off massively as soon as French video game animator ArtNoux provided it as the soundtrack because that his animated green alien. Not just did the spawn thousands of TikTok videos of customers imitating the alien"s run moves, but it entered the warm 100 in ~ No. 81 through 10.4 million us streams and 1,000 downloads. Dodgy text notwithstanding, the song and also its friendly green alien is a hit through the children, who try their ideal to imitate his dance.

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4. Gummy be afflicted with Adele

The scene opens up with a lone gummy be affected by each other belting the end the first words that the chorus to "Someone choose you through Adele. Then, gummy be afflicted with Adele"s mic cuts out and the audience sings the remainder of the chorus as the camera pans over a group of gummy bears. The gummy bear group stretches as much as the eye have the right to see as numerous bears sing v Adele. It"s the feel-good video clip of the year and also has inspired comparable creations on TikTok.

5. Human being doing fascinating jobs

One that my favorite things around
tiktok_us is when civilization share videos of your jobs.

So here’s a object of some of the most distinct jobs & talented human being I’ve found on #tiktok pic.twitter.com/IhCkC0v6ED

— Kaitlyn Reed (
kkaitlynreedd) April 18, 2019

Ever imagine how ice sculptures are made, bobby pins packaged, and also broccoli bundled? There space so many weird and also wonderful jobs out there and also now many of them are being denote on TikTok. One user, Kaitlyn Reed placed together a Twitter thread on everyday and mysterious jobs. Some might seem mundane and also tedious (like previously mentioned bobby pen packaging) yet displayed incredible an abilities by the people who do them. Watch and be amazed.

6. Karma is a Bitch

The "Karma is a Bitch" an obstacle is the ultimate vengeance. In it, users start by looking normal in a video clip selfie and then pull a scarf, ceiling or piece of clothing over your heads to expose their beautiful, sexier or more an excellent looking self. There"s additionally the ironic variation where users look the exact same after the ceiling reveals your true self, punted through the hashtag, #showyourbeauty.

7. Head banging dog

You recognize when your track comes ~ above the radio and you just can"t aid jamming along? Neither have the right to this dog. The head banging pup has actually gotten practically 200 000 understanding on TikTok and is pretty great for a giggle if you"re having an off-day. However then again, so space all pet videos, of which there room plenty on TikTok.

8. Pets dress-ups

While we"re at it, why people dress up their pets? due to the fact that it renders for really funny tiktok videos. These males dressing up your dogs together teddies and making them race under the hallway certainly have a sense of humor, and that is what the app is all about. If you require a laugh, watch this one. It"s mindless fun.

9. Taylor Swift song interpretations

In April, pop sensation Taylor Swift reduce her single “Me!” featuring Brendon Urie that Panic! at The Disco. The video clip features kaleidoscopic pastel colors, ensemble dance numbers, and also several transforms in costume and also scenery. Now it’s trending with the #AnotherLikeMe challenge. Swift’s main TikTok account post a clip indigenous the "Me" music video clip with the hashtag #AnotherLikeMe and the caption, "Show us your best re-creation the this dance, use MEdancechallenge, and we will discover our favs". The difficulty went viral in alongside nothing. It won"t it is in the an initial time one of Swift"s songs has taken end TikTok. The app is full of videos to which Swift"s songs function as the soundtrack.

10. Subway time warp

If stepping the end of a train carriage into an alternate universe sounds strange come you, girlfriend should have a look in ~ this tiktok video. The is precisely that and also has caused a substantial trend in China v TikTok users making similar videos. Also the subway mechanism in the city of Xi’an has acquired in ~ above the action, sharing a video clip that shows two employee dressed in casual apparel exiting a subway car and also stepping onto open train tracks, prepared for occupational in blue coveralls and yellow security vests.

11. Nala the cat

Nala Cat is one 8-year-old Siamese/Tabby-mix the was crowned as the ideal TikToker of the year in 2018 through the Shorty Awards in new York. She was rescued native a sanctuary at the young age of 5 months old and also her hypnotic blue eye have been charming society media users ever since. Nala hold a Guinness human being Record for most famous cat top top Instagram with practically 4 million followers. She also has more than 142 000 tik fans and also frequently illustration “awws” from she audience, uploading picture from she life about the house.

12. The ultimate friend zone

American Dominic Toliver is the king of quick form, online comedy. After structure a large following top top Vine, Dominic currently has an ext than 6 million fans that have offered his uploads almost 130 million hearts. His ultimate friend zone video clip received 1.2 million hearts because that its perfect mix of comedy and music, combine lyrics and songs into his sketches. Before the development of tik he was popular on Vine, earning more than 90,000 followers on the short kind video app. Dominic"s tiktok profile introduced his career as a social media star and also comedian. That is also a design (for evident reasons).

13. "Yeah!" by Usher

Sometimes all you require is four notes and a record basket to make a fight anthem. I beg your pardon is exactly what this tiktok user realised. Recognise this song?

14. Shoe change challenge

The #shoechangechallenge, finish with attractive song, had TikTokers transforming their outfits top top the win of the track by kicking your shoes right into the screen. The an obstacle actually started with shoes changing as people stomped the floor on the to win of the song, yet evolved right into outfit changes. That was among 2018"s most famous trends and was viewed over 12 million times.

15. Fight or miss

If you"ve heard someone randomly yell the end the expression "hit or miss" in windy lately, you deserve to blame TikTok. The society media platform has actually inspired a real-life challenge, where civilization yell the phrase and wait for a response. If they gain one, they recognize that there"s one more TikToker nearby. Even far better if they capture it on video clip so that they deserve to share the on TikTok.

16. Trendy grandparents

Grandparents who room up for part fun space the best. This elderly couple, no doubt filmed by your teenage grandchild, love law dance move on TikTok. We just wish they could use the camera right. Nevertheless, their moves space priceless and also they seem favor the grandparents every child needs in their life.

17. Cosplay

Cosplay, brief for "costume play" is a performance art in i m sorry participants stay costumes and fashion equipment to stand for a certain character. In the age of the Internet, this means dressing approximately look favor an anime, manga, video game, Japanese rock, or Kpop character. That is a huge, ongoing trend on tiktok that has actually inspired hundreds of videos.

18. #Prankwars

Executing the perfect prank deserve to be quite tricky if you only have actually 15 secs to do it. But TikTokers have actually mastered the art, pranking their parents, friends and loved ones. The quick-fire pranks have become part and thoreau of TikTok, and have redefined the comedy form. With sketches, scaring civilization and an innovative editing, TikTok"s prank wars space the new America’s Funniest house Videos and also more. Not only do individuals prank and also outsmart your friends but they also compete against each various other for the many hearts.

19. Ice cream cream man

This ice cream an equipment has discovered internet fame v his end the optimal ice cream preparation “for all the beautiful ladies out there”. The man recognized for his handcrafted ice cream-making method is Pan-n-Ice cofounder plunder Huysinga, that masterminded the video sensation.

After a video clip of him making ice cream from scrape on an ice cream plate at a british kiosk caught the attention of tiktok users, almost 14 million civilization viewed his dramatic ready of the Nutella and the Oreo mix-ins on Twitter. That now has a steady following and also is making use of his talent for an excellent by making ice cream because that charities to attract attention to unique causes.

20. Teens eating their own fingers

The finger eating meme has had actually some human being in stitches and also others in tears. Countless users have actually taken part in the meme produced with TikTok"s winter effect, and also the result is a shareable, mesmerizing optical illusion. The videos call to psychic the wacky PhotoBooth visual results webcam the led to hrs of fun.

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21. Cringe videos

The cringe-factor is one of the structures of TikTok"s success. Because that a while, cringe videos to be the essence of what made the application popular. These are usually videos in which who does other embarrassing or aer in a thank you very much manner. YouTube individuals would take it the many cringeworthy videos and also create compilations and reactions come them. As tiktok evolved, individuals have embraced the fun of do cringe-inducing content.

22. Duets

Duets are one more core component of the tik experience. Think that it prefer remixing a song. Users can take one more person’s video clip and include to it. It’s like setup up a joke and also giving one more person the chance to supply the punchline. For example, someone may short article a video of castle dancing top top the above-mentioned Taylor Swift song. Other TikTok users have the right to then take it that video clip and add themselves performing matching dance moves.