“Glory Box”, the last track ~ above Portishead’s Dummy, is one of their most famous songs, many notably for its distinct use that “Ike’s laboratory II” through Isaac Hayes, a renowned sample in… review More 
I'm so exhausted of playingPlaying with this bow and also arrowGonna give my love awayLeave it to the various other girls come playFor I've been a temptress also longJust...

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Give me a reason to love youGive me a reason to it is in a womanI simply wanna it is in a womanFrom this time, unchainedWe're all looking in ~ a various pictureThrough this brand-new frame the mindA thousand flowers might bloomMove over and also give united state some room, yeahGive me a reason to love youGive me a factor to it is in a womanI just wanna be a woman
So don't you stop being a manJust take it a small lookFrom exterior when you canSow a tiny tendernessNo issue if you cryGive me a reason to love youGive me a factor to be a womanI just wanna it is in a womanIt's all ns wanna be, is all, a womanFor this is the beginningOf forever and also everIt's time to move overIt's all i wanna beI'm so worn down of playingPlaying v this bow and arrowGonna offer my heart awayLeave it to the various other girls come playFor I've to be a temptress too longJustGive me a factor to love you
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“Glory Box”, the final track ~ above Portishead’s Dummy, is among their most renowned songs, many notably because that its distinct use the “Ike’s lab II” by Isaac Hayes, a popular sample in trip-hop and also hip-hop.

The tune tells a haunting narrative of romance and also womanhood, featuring searing guitars and eery vocals. It’s a grand finish to the album and marks one of the greatest points in the group’s career.


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Barrow: It to be an Isaac Hayes sample. Periodically in an are you just find something, and I hadn’t heard it supplied on an additional track before. It’s just purity, really. That’s the loop.

Utley: It’s for this reason luscious sounding.

Barrow: castle play it so quietly. I average that’s the other thing about it.

Utley: Isaac Hayes is singing over there. He has actually a massive voice, and also he’s ideal close come the microphone. The quiet, and also there’s loads of reverb in there. The band is yes, really chilled, so it’s a beautiful sounding record.

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Barrow: It was a yes, really trashed record, as well. It had actually a warp in it. It no made on really thick plastic, so it was type of favor cheap. Obviously who left it the end in the sun or something. Luckily, it didn’t go also wobbly.



Dummy (1994)
Glory Box
Written By
Adrian Utley, Isaac Hayes, Beth Gibbons & Geoff Barrow
Go! Discs
Dave McDonald
Hammond, Guitar
Adrian Utley
Beth Gibbons
Geoff Barrow
Recorded At
State of art & Coach house Studios
Release Date
December 20, 1994
Daydream by Wallace Collection & Medley: Ike's laboratory II / assist Me Love by Isaac Hayes
Sampled In
Biscuits by Hodgy, Salve by Racionais MC's, let Me walk by Maverick Sabre, Codex Clamoris by CryBabyy, пиксель (pixel) by цикада (cicade XVI), Brutta stronza by Jesto & LOVGONE by RAWINTHEVOID
Interpolated By
Worth by Viracocha Mendoza (Ft. The Cool Quest, Lazy Ass professional & O.G tha Dude)
Cover By
Glory crate by Faith No More, Glory crate by John Martyn, Glory box by Olivia Colman (Ft. BBC Children In Need), Glory box by Beatsteaks, Glory crate (Live) by Evanescence & Glory crate by Walter Sickert & The military of damaged Toys
Remixed By
Sheared crate by Portishead
Performed Live As
Glory box (Live in ~ Roseland Ballroom, NYC) by Portishead
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