Another Biden quote was misrepresented through U.S. President Donald Trump and the internet.

Published17 July 2020

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The quote showed up to originate native a clip common by right-wing media company BlazeTV, in may 2019. The video clip carried the title, “Joe Biden claims U.S. Obligated to Give totally free Healthcare come ‘Undocumented’ Immigrants.”

In the clip, a reporter asked Biden, “Do friend think the undocumented immigrants… are law abiding, must be entitled to commonwealth benefits, Medicare, Medicaid because that example?” Biden responded:

“Look ns think that anyone that is in a instance where castle in need of healthcare, nevertheless of even if it is they’re recorded or undocumented, we have actually an duty to see that they’re cared for. That’s why ns think we need much more clinics roughly the country.”

Biden echoed this in the June 2019 autonomous presidential debates. And in a December 2019 interview v Telemundo, that laid out the caveats in his plan: “They deserve to buy right into the system like everyone else” under the Affordable care Act (ACA). 

On July 14, 2020, in a rambling speech, trumped misrepresented Biden’s plan after it to be presented by the Biden-Sanders Unity task Forces. Trump card said: “They want federal government health care for every illegal aliens.”

But here’s what the task pressure actually recommended:

“To for sure that world living and working across the nation have health care access, the Task force recommends prolonging Affordable care Act coverage to DACA recipients, allowing undocumented immigrant to acquisition unsubsidized coverage in the ACA marketplaces …”

Under this proposal, taxpayers would certainly not be paying because that undocumented immigrants’ health and wellness care, fairly undocumented immigrants can have the alternative to pay out-of-pocket for wellness coverage through the ACA exchange marketplace, yet without accessibility to the federal government subsidies that are available to others.

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In 2019 Brookings estimated that there room 10.5 to 12 million undocumented immigrant in the U.S. Currently, they cannot enroll in Medicaid, the Children’s health and wellness Insurance routine (CHIP), or acquisition insurance through the ACA marketplace. Part state-funded or locally-funded wellness programs provide coverage regardless of immigrant status. Emergency health and wellness services and also safety-net clinics room already easily accessible to undocumented immigrants, i beg your pardon Biden had supported for before. 

In summary, also though Biden walk state the the U.S. Had an duty to ensure immigrant received health and wellness care, his views were mostly misrepresented and did not reflect his present policy. While that would extend health care accessibility to undocumented immigrants v the marketplace, it was far from the government-subsidized, taxpayer-funded setup it was made the end to it is in by Trump. We for this reason rate this claim as “Mostly False.”

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12 November 2019.

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