Rocky Mountaineer is launching an incredible brand-new rail excursion v the claims of Colorado and also Utah beginning in the summer of 2021.

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The two-day rail trip named, "Rockies to the Red Rocks," will certainly take passenger from Denver come Moab in luxury glass-domed trains. Tickets start at $1,250 every person, through an overnight stay in Glenwood Springs included.

“This region, through its magnificent scenery, nationwide parks, and large opportunities to explore, will happiness millions," stated Peter Armstrong, founder that Rocky Mountaineer.

Rocky Mountaineer will launch the new scenic route with a preview season that 40 departures across ten weeks from august 15th come October 23rd.

The brand-new route will also be in addition to the three rail routes that right now run in western Canada, in between Vancouver and also the hill towns that Banff, Lake Louise, and also Jasper.

Travelers have the right to reserve their spot for a 2021 exit with a refundable deposit the $25. For an ext details, you re welcome visit





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