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TikTok has actually gifted us with much more than we might ever ask for — viral watermelon-cutting contraptions and popcorn bowls the ensure every kernel is cooking are simply a couple of of the popularized hacks and also gadgets that make our day-to-day lives so much easier. 

The latest viral fight is no different (though that is a bit an ext off the cuff than most of the rather featured). A pair of copy glasses constructed to be used while laying down, accordingly dubbed "lazy readers," have garnered quite a little of prayer recently. 

evangeixnaa's post around the glasses, which has received an ext than 80,000 likes and close to 1 million views since Monday, January 25. The video clip shows just how you have the right to use the eyewear to review or watch tv while lying under without having to prop her head up through pillows. This occurs many thanks to the copy lenses that, according to the brand, "turn your view right into a 90-degree angle," so the you don't require to relocate your head or neck.

"I knew this would readjust my posture, yet I didn't understand they would adjust my life," that said. 

The tik praise seems to it is in warranted based on Amazon reviews the echo comparable sentiments. An ext than 1,000 shoppers, often citing comfort and functionality as impressive characteristics, have offered the $14 glasses an typical 4.3-star rating.

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Along v reading and streaming shows, these glasses might come in handy for occupational hours, too. After all, who doesn't want to spend their time functioning comfortably while lie in bed? Imagine finishing up part spreadsheets or calling right into a conference while horizontal. Currently that's what WFH is every about. 

Great to have actually in your home, the glasses likewise make for a goofy gift the everyone from her grandpa to her girlfriend would certainly enjoy. And also witnessing the spectacle of these spectacles will give you simply as lot entertainment.  There are number of "lazy reader" glasses options easily accessible at Amazon, however you deserve to shop the most-reviewed and also best-rated ones below.



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