Dancing with the Stars pro Gleb Savchenko"s and also his wife Elena Samodanova announced your divorce critical month



Elena Samodanova is more opening up about her partnership with estranged husband and also Dancing with the Stars agree Gleb Savchenko.

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Samodanova, 36, answered fan questions during an Instagram Live Tuesday morning if she do pancakes v her younger daughter Zlata, 3. Savchenko and also Samodanova, who announced their separation after 14 years of marital relationship last month, likewise share daughter Olivia, 9.

When who asked she what she plans space for the ballroom run studio the former pair runs, Samodanova expressed she anger in ~ Savchenko, that is right now vacationing in Mexico through a brand-new flame, actress Cassie Scerbo.

“We’ve tried to number out … if we’re going to be to run it together,” she said. “Not in ~ this moment, I’m just too pissed at him. So ns won’t be able to do anything at this moment. Maybe later.”

Savchenko, 36, and Scerbo room joined in Mexico through Chrishell Stause and her brand-new boyfriend, Keo Motsepe, who is likewise a DWTS pro, many sources shown to world earlier this week.

During the latest season the DWTS, fans speculated that Selling Sunset star Stause was romantically associated with Savchenko complying with the pro dancer's split from Samodanova, who accused him of "ongoing infidelity." yet Stause shut down the rumors on numerous occasions and insisted the she and also Savchenko to be nothing much more than friends. Savchenko likewise asserted the he and also Stause have actually a “strictly platonic” relationship and also has denied every allegations of infidelity.

Since Samodanova come forward with accusations about Savchenko's alleged infidelity, a source tells world that "Gleb has involved a lawyer because of his wife consistently slandering him on society media."

"It is very clear that his ex-wife is making use of this instance to gain herself the publicity she so desperately craves," states the source. "Gleb and also his mam hadn’t also been living with each other — ABC supplies to carry out an apartment to all the pros and celebs appearing on DWTS and also Gleb take it them increase on this sell for this season because of the strains in his marriage and also for the continuous false accusations the infidelity."

In a statement to priziv.org, Samodanova says she stand by she claims and also is remaining focused on elevating the former couple's two young daughters.

"Contrary to what my soon-to-be ex-husband would favor the public come believe, i am no concerned about his playboy antics. His infidelity is squarely on him and no one else," she says. "My only focus remains the happiness and also well-being of our daughters. They are all that matter to me. I don’t require unnamed sources to protect me due to the fact that I remain rooted in every little thing that has ever mattered come me — mine family. While the is vacationing in Mexico, ns am placing all my power in increasing our children.”

Though Savchenko has actually been gaining closer v Scerbo, and also Stause is in a connection with Motsepe, the resource says the DWTS pro has actually yet to receive an apology from Samodanova about her cheating claims.

"Elena has actually never apologized because that accusing Gleb of having actually an affair through Chrishell even though it has actually now come to light that Chrishell is dating Gleb’s ideal friend Keo," claims the source. (Though Samodanova formerly accused Savchenko of "ongoing infidelity" and having "a recent inappropriate relationship," the dancer never ever specifically accused Stause of having actually an affair through her estranged husband.)

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During she Tuesday Instagram Live, Samodanova shared that she was on her own with her daughters “a lot” even prior to the split, lamenting the Savchenko was generally busy and emphasizing that she is looking for a “loyal” male next.

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When a pan asked for advice once it concerns cheating in relationships, Samodanova said “most males are choose this.”

“My advice? Don’t give them a second chance,” she said. “I provided second, third, fourth, 5th chances and we never operated it out. So never offer them a second chance.” She later on added: “We used to say in Russia, ‘It’s far better to it is in alone than v someone that doesn’t deserve you.'"



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On his very own Instagram Story, Savchenko appeared to respond to his Samodanova's revelations, share a quote top top Tuesday.

“Never guilty of someone based upon a little something the someone called you,” the article read. “There is constantly a lot much more to the story!"

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