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Glee pan were ruined on Monday, when police confirmed that Naya Rivera"s body has actually been found after she to be reported lacking last Wednesday after acquisition a boat ride in Lake Piru in California through her 4-year-old son, Josey. Although as Glee fans know, Rivera"s fatality isn"t the an initial heartbreaking occurrence that the cast has been hit through over the years. Monday also marked the 7-year death anniversary that Cory Monteith, who died suddenly in 2013 while the present was quiet filming.

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Glee to be a smash success ~ above Fox as soon as it debuted in 2009 and made stars out of the show"s young actors -- which aside from Rivera and Monteith, contained Lea Michele, Darren Criss, Amber Riley, Chord Overstreet and more -- prior to going off the wait in 2015. Over the years, the cast has dealt with terrible deaths and also scandals. Check out on for an ext of the shocking occasions that have occurred:

Monteith play the lovable jock Finn Hudson ~ above Glee and had one on-screen, off-screen connection with Michele, who played the show"s key character, Rachel Berry. On July 13, 2013, fans were stunned as soon as the Canadian actor was found dead in his room in ~ the Fairmont Pacific rim hotel in downtown Vancouver, british Columbia. The BC Coroners company later identified that he died from a mixed drug toxicity, involving heroin and also alcohol.

He was simply 31 year old.

In a 2011 interview v Parade, Monteith was candid about his struggles with drug and alcohol addiction, and also said he to be "out that control" by the time he to be 16.

"Anything and everything, as lot as possible," the told the magazine around his substance abuse. "I had a significant problem."

"I really gained to understand myself through a many that self-destruction," that continued. "I had actually to go an extremely deep right into myself and rebuild a many what I had taken apart, and that procedure is strengthening, that process is grounding. The doesn"t walk away. That’s the structure this is all built on now, and I feeling stable. Ns feel happy. I like myself. Ns love my job. It simply so happens that I dropped into law something that I reap -- the drums and also the music and also acting and also all that stuff. Ns love it. I love that a lot."

Still, his struggles continued. In in march of 2013, Monteith disclosed that he to be seeking treatment for substance addiction. Three months later, that died.

Following Monteith"s death, a rep because that 20th Century Fox tv told ET the the cast of Glee held a private memorial for your late co-star. The rep shared that present co-creator Ryan Murphy and Michele "gathered the cast, crew and producers the Glee, along with colleagues indigenous the network and also studio, to share memories and also music in an emotional celebration of the life of Cory Monteith."

The show additionally aired a video tribute to Monteith i m sorry featured his most memorable moment from the show and also ended through a title map reading, "Cory Monteith. Forever in our hearts."

The death was, the course, especially heartbreaking because that Michele provided their romantic history.

"From the minute ns met Cory, i was like, "This is the most handsome man I"ve ever before seen in my entirety life,"" Michele called Elle in a 2013 interview after ~ his death. "One work we simply looked at every other and we to be like, "You wanna do this?" we knew."

She also discussed the going come rehab in march 2013.

"I have the right to only imagine what that looks choose from the outside," Michele said. "It to be such a short period of time in between when world found out to, girlfriend know, July, however there space so many personal aspects the this totality journey that people are no invited come know. We had a complete life, and also that had lots of various details that will be our forever, for only us come know."

Mark Salling"s arrest for kid pornography and also 2018 death:

Gabriel Olsen/FilmMagic

Glee fans to be deeply shocked again in December 2015, when mark Salling -- that played football player "Puck" ~ above the display -- to be arrested for possession of child pornography. Police said at the time that ~ receiving a pointer from a "concerned person," they uncovered images of boy pornography in ~ Salling"s home. In might 2016, he was indicted on 2 counts of possessing child pornography, and court documents derived by ET alleged the he intentional possessed child pornography on his laptop computer, a tough drive and a 16 gigabyte USB speed drive.

After originally pleading no guilty in June 2016, Salling ended up pleading guilty to a commonwealth offense of possessing boy pornography involving a prepubescent minor in December 2017.

ET speak withRivera in September 2016 around her memoir, Sorry no Sorry, and also she candidly spoke about dating Salling on and also off for three years if filming Glee. Rivera claimed she was not surprised by the charges against Salling.

"He was always just a an extremely dark heart to me," Rivera said. "I constantly felt favor there to be something the he to be wrestling with."

Rivera added that her dating Salling had actually a many to perform with being "young, dumb, and also naive."

"You do such bad decisions in that you room going to date when you room 21, 22," she said. "Especially when you haven"t date that lot ... You pick the hot guy, v the abs, that is kind of a poor boy."

In January 2018, Salling was discovered dead while awaiting sentencing. According to his death certificate, he passed away bysuicide. He to be 35 year old.

Becca Tobin"s boyfriend found dead in his hotel room:

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Fans mourned v Tobin in July 2014 as soon as the Glee star"s friend at the time, Matt Bendik, was found dead in the bed the his Philadelphia hotel room. Bendik remained in Philadelphia top top a organization trip and reportedly go out through friends the night prior to the tragedy.

Police called ET at the moment that the was almost one in the afternoon once housekeeping found the nightclub entrepreneur"s body lying in the hotel bed. In ~ 1:17 p.m., he was pronounced dead.

Tobin, who played Kitty Wilde on Glee, thanked pan for all their concern with a quick message top top Instagram in august 2014.

"Thank you every for the love and also support," she composed alongside a snapshot of her and Bendik. "Matt to be the most extraordinary man I knew and also he will certainly live in my heart forever."

Tobin, 34, eventually moved on and also married business man Zach martin in a exclusive ceremony in Wyoming in December 2016, and their wedding was officiated by she Glee co-star, woman Lynch. A many her previous Glee co-stars were also in attendance, consisting of Michele, Kevin McHale, Jenna Ushkowitz, Meg Doyle, Michael Hitchcock, Matt Hodgson and also Dante Russo.

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Rivera reveals she traumatic abortion endure while still filming Glee:

In her 2016 memoir, Sorry not Sorry, Rivera common that she obtained an abortion as soon as she gained pregnant with her ex, Ryan Dorsey"s, baby while filming Glee. She and also her mom drove to a to plan Parenthood and also wore disguises, and also she was offered an "abortion pill."

"We paid cash, leaving no document trail, like it to be a drug deal," she wrote.

Rivera explained it as "the worst endure of life," and remembered continuing to movie the show despite experiencing a most pain.

"When I acquired up to occupational the following day, a little much more than 12 hrs after having actually a clinical abortion, I had to put my cheerleading uniform back on, and hope that the skimpy bloomers covered the huge pad i was wearing," she wrote.

She later on said she gained addicted come watching MTV"s Teen Mom.

"I to be so jealousy that they gained to save their kids," she wrote. "Watching that over and over was a means of punishing myself. "What"s wrong through you?" I"d asking myself."

"I don"t think I ever before emotionally cure from the abortion, i m sorry is why that is for this reason mind-blowing that some world think having an abortion is the carefree girl"s No. 1 an option to save on partying," she continued. "In reality, that is anything but simple choice. In part ways, i think choosing to have an abortion is practically harder than choosing to have actually your child, due to the fact that you do that an option knowing, or at the very least suspecting, that numerous moments of her life will nowbe tinged v regret."

In ET"s 2016 interview through Rivera, she reflect on her difficult decision.

"I think it"s always on her mind, and it"s one of those small scars in life," Rivera said. "When ns was creating the book, it was really important for me to incorporate that, because this is ... A part of my story and a part of that I am. And like i said, the statistic is stunner -- there room so plenty of women the end there that room going through this and nobody it s okay to talk around it."

Rivera stated there were multiple factors why she made decision to acquire an abortion. She likened the feeling of finding the end she to be pregnant to an initial hearing that Monteith had actually died.

"It to be a bunch of various factors, girlfriend know, and also I was so young," she explained. "It was type of that very same feeling once I had actually the call about Cory, the was choose the people stops, and you type of black color out for a minute. And also you room like, "What is walk on? I have actually all this various other stuff to do, you know?" So that was simply never a genuine question."

"Like ns said, it"s other that is just one of life"s tiny scars that you gain along the way, and also the scars are never ever really healed," she added. "They are constantly kind that still over there -- lock are just not bleeding anymore."

Rivera finished up getting earlier together and also marrying Dorsey in a surprise ceremony in 2014. They welcomed their son, Josey, in September 2015. But the two split in November of 2016 after 2 years the marriage, and also their divorce was finalized in June 2018.

Melissa Benoist share she"s a victim of residential violence:

Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

In November 2019, Benoist -- who played Marley climbed on the fourth and fifth periods of Glee -- shared a 14-minute video in which she proclaimed that she is "a survivor of domestic violence, or IPV, intimate companion violence." The actress never called her abuser, only sharing that the male was younger than her.

"I learned what it felt favor to it is in pinned down and also slapped repeatedly, punched so difficult the wind to be knocked the end of me, dragged by mine hair across pavement, head-butted, pinched until my skin broke, shoved right into a wall so hard the drywall broke, choked," she said.

The breaking allude came when he threw an iphone phone at she face, accused tearing her iris to the point where it virtually ruptured she eyeball, broke her nose and also gave she a fat lip.

"This was as well far and also I couldn"t flush this story down v the tug that the drain," she said, explaining that they had to make up a story around how she fell and also hit her challenge on a potted plant. She would go on come share the false story during an figure on The Tonight show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

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Benoist mutual that she was opening up around her suffer to hopefully help others in comparable situations.

"The long and also winding roadway of healing and also reconciliation has carried me to this minute where i feel strong enough come talk about my endure openly, honestly and without shame," she wrote on Instagram. "By sharing my story, hopefully I deserve to empower others to seek aid and extricate us from abusive relationships. Everyone deserves to be love void the violence, fear and physical harm.