nation stars Tanya Tucker and Glen Campbell sustained a tumultuous, short-lived romantic in the early "80s — and if Campbell"s widow, Kim, has any kind of say in the matter, she"d reportedly like to store it in the past.

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Campbell died Aug. 8 complying with a years-long battle with Alzheimer"s. Quickly after his death, Tucker exit a song about the Rhinestone Cowboy referred to as "Forever love You," which she has been heavily promoting on television and in magazines.

but for Kim Campbell, who was married to the singer for nearly 35 years, Tucker may have actually ulterior motives.

follow to TMZ, Campbell believes Tucker"s relentless promotion of the tune is "callous and also disrespectful," together her an option to attract attention come her and Campbell"s "distorted fairy tale" decades-old romantic is exploiting his death.

The gossip website reports the it was Tucker"s power of the tune on the "Today" present earlier this week that sent Campbell over the edge, as the widow was the one caring for the sick singer in the years before his death.

"I loved him, yeah. Everybody love him, though, no one didn"t love glen Campbell," Tucker said TMZ. "I never met (Kim), but I give thanks to her for taking treatment of him. I have actually no bad blood. She may, however I don"t."

The "Delta Dawn" singer formerly announced the a section of the proceeds native "Forever loving You" — who lyrics incorporate lines prefer "If I might turn earlier the hands of time/I"d go back now and change my life and also make it approximately you" — will advantage the Alzheimer"s foundation of America.


"I would lay down my life because that Glen Campbell if I can just make him entirely happy for also one day," a 22-year-old Tucker told civilization in 1981, shortly after the demise of their relationship. "But he"s no the sort to change his mind."

In a 2015 interview through the Chicago Tribune, the singer admitted that her ex"s mam was not a fan of hers, also then.

"I think he was simply on the rebound in my opinion," Tucker claimed of the couple"s 1982 marriage. "She don"t choose me, but I have nothing versus her. I appreciate her taking treatment of him all these years, due to the fact that I recognize he"s a handful."

Campbell relocated her husband right into a distinct facility for civilization battling Alzheimer"s in 2014, despite she called the Tennessean last March the she checked out her husband every day.

In her Tribune interview, Tucker revealed she had actually snuck in one critical FaceTime v Campbell v some assist from his daughter.

"I was talking to that going, "Remember me? I"m Tanya, we supplied to love every other,"" she said. "Trying to think that anything that would trigger his memory. When I was done, the kissed the phone. For this reason I acquired that, at least… It may be all I ever before get, yet that was wonderful."

Meanwhile, Campbell exit a heart-wrenching statement on she own last goodbye to she husband sooner or later after his death.

"I have actually been grieving and also saying goodbye to Glen every day for the last six years, ever because his diagnosis that Alzheimer"s, not learning which day he could forget me or which day might be his last," she wrote. "Although i knew it to be inescapable and also certain, nothing could have ready me because that the profound loss i felt together I stated goodbye for the last time yesterday."

Tucker"s publicist preserved that the singer is in no way exploiting Campbell"s fatality with "Forever loving You," as she has not got a benefit from the track. He told the everyday News that the track was written 2 years ago and was originally slated for relax in October 2017.

However, after Glen"s death earlier this month, Tucker made decision to release the track beforehand at the inquiry of Glen"s daughter, Debbie.

"This is all around raising awareness around Alzheimer"s. There"s nothing an ext to this," Tucker"s publicist said the News. "People are talking about Alzheimer"s and that"s precisely what Tanya want to happen. There"s no exploitation — it"s near and also dear to Tanya"s heart."

Reps for Campbell, meanwhile, alleged the the Alzheimer"s foundation of America claimed it would not be accepting, have actually not received and would not be disseminating any funds indigenous Tucker.

The structure told the News the it has actually not received any kind of donations from Tucker, and advised the singer and her team to rather make donations to a regional organization in Campbell"s hometown of Nashville.

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However, Tucker"s publicist claimed that the singer"s team had actually previously had actually a partnership through the foundation prior come Glen"s death, and also that the organization had actually prepared and approved a share statement to it is in released v "Forever love You."

In a Facebook write-up from Aug. 10 that has due to the fact that been removed, the foundation shared Tucker"s declare on Glen"s death, and also thanked she for sustaining the organization. The post additionally mentioned that Tucker would certainly be donating a portion of the song"s proceeds to AFA come "support our programs, services and also research efforts to assist people living with Alzheimer"s disease and their caregivers."

The publicist included that Tucker right now has another organization inside wall up that will certainly be receiving proceeds indigenous the song.