Tanya Tucker (C) v her children Presley Tanita Tucker, Beau Grayson and also Layla LaCosta Laseter in Franklin, Tennessee. (Photo by rick Diamond/Getty images for Warner Bros.)

Country music star Tanya Tucker’s checkered romantic past is a sad country song in itself. Nonetheless, her romantic hardships don’t overshadow her role as a mother. The hitmaker is the mother of three, who space all complying with in your mom’s footsteps. She daughters, Presley and also Layla, room every little their mommy in terms of talent and also beauty. However there’s a typical misconception that the girls’ father may have actually been Tucker’s famous ex, the late Glen Campbell. Who room Tanya Tucker’s daughters? it’s time for Presley and also Layla to shine!

Tanya Tucker and also Glen Campbell no Have youngsters Together

Country music legend valley Campbell’s relationships and also marriages were as famous as his music. But it to be his partnership with Tanya Tucker that was the biggest staple in the tabloid gossip of your time.

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They began dating ~ Campbell’s 3rd divorce, about 1980, and likewise collaborated on several songs together. After their breakup a couple of years later, Tucker apparently wrote “Forever loving You” based upon their relationship. Meanwhile, Campbell go on come marry for the fourth time. Years later, Tucker still had actually fond memory of Campbell. ~ the “Rhinestone Cowboy” passed far in 2017, she payment tribute come him

Campbell had six sons and also three daughters from his 4 marriages. Campbell and Tucker, however, didn’t have any children together.

Tucker was later on in a relationship with gibbs Ben Reed. She had a daughter, Presley Tanita Tucker (born July 5, 1989), and also son, Beau “Grayson” Tucker (born October 2, 1991), v Reed.


Tanya Tucker v her children, Grayson Tucker, Presley Tucker, and Layla Tucker (Photo by rick Diamond/WireImage)

Tanya Tucker was then in an on-and-off relationship with an additional musician and also songwriter, Jerry Laseter, for numerous years. Tucker cancelled your wedding days before the ceremony once she was pregnant for the third time and didn’t want to walk down the aisle pregnant.

Tanya Tucker and also Jerry Laseter’s daughter, Layla LaCosta Laseter, a.k.a. Layla Tucker, was born top top June 25, 1999. Tucker take it time turn off from music to emphasis on her daughter and replanning the wedding, yet her relationship with Laseter eventually ended for good.


The “Delta Dawn” songstress is currently dating singer-songwriter Craig Dillingham.


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Tucker’s Daughter Presley Is a Musician

Oklahoma-born, L.A.-based gibbs Ben Reed’s youngsters with Tanya Tucker are following in your mom’s footsteps in the music industry. Both Presley Tucker and Beau Tucker room musicians, and also have performed with Tucker.

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Presley is act her very own thing in teamwork with her friend, Spencer Bartoletti. After meeting at a Nashville dive that is currently the George Jones Museum, Presley Tucker and Bartoletti linked their songwriting and also singing talent to kind their tape Reverie Lane, in addition to other instrumentalists.

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