Glen Campbell has actually passed away. Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Beloved singer-songwriter glen Campbell passed far on Tuesday. He to be 81.A representative for universal Music Group, who stood for Campbell, confirmed his passing to Rolling Stone.

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“It is v the most difficult of understanding that we announce the pass of our beloved husband, father, grandfather, and also legendary singer and guitarist, glenn Travis Campbell, in ~ the period of 81, following his long and also courageous battle with Alzheimer’s disease,” the singer’s family members said in a statement.In 2014, Campbell and his family permitted a documentary crew to movie his last tour because that the award-winning I’ll it is in Me. Previous President invoice Clinton later on said it might one day be more defining than even his music.Throughout his long and successful career, Campbell snagged 21 peak 40 hits consisting of “Rhinestone Cowboy,” “Wichita Lineman” and also “By the time I gain to Phoenix.” In 1968, the performer managed the challenging task that outselling the Beatles, follow to the outlet. Many attribute his success come his versatility. Campbell earned praise as a sought-after studio guitarist, in-demand singer and even together a tv host. The guy can do that all.
“He had actually that beautiful tenor with a crystal-clear guitar sound, playing lines the were therefore inventive,” Tom small told Rolling stone during a 2011 file of Campbell. “It relocated me.”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMo3p17W10ECampbell dropped the end of school as soon as he was simply 14 and also moved come Wyoming to live v his musician uncle. The two would beat gigs with each other at neighborhood venues before Campbell moved to Los Angeles in 1962.
“I’d need to pick noodle for a year to do what I’d make in a main in L.A.,” he told Rolling Stone. “I learned it was vital to play right on the edge of the beat … It provides you drive the song more. You’re front of the beat, however you’re not.” other Wrecking Crew member Leon Russell called Campbell “the ideal guitar player I’d heard before or since. Periodically we’d play with 50- or 60-piece orchestras. His deal was the didn’t review , for this reason they would play it one time because that him, and also he had it.”His big break came as soon as the Beach guys hired that to replace Brian Wilson in so late 1964. In 1967, Campbell delighted in his first individual hit with “By the time I acquire to Phoenix.” Several big songs and acting gigs would certainly follow, yet the early on 1970s observed Campbell’s career slow-moving to a crawl. Top top the verge of becoming a has-been, Campbell come out through the massive hit “Rhinestone Cowboy” in 1975 and launched an amazing comeback.

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In 2011, in ~ the period of 75, Campbell announced the he was diagnosed through Alzheimer’s disease. He made decision to end his music career with a farewell tourism featuring three of his kids backing the on stage.