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EstaryllaMonoNessaOrtho-CyclenOrtho Tri-CyclenOrtho Tri-Cyclen LoPrevifemSprintecTri-Lo-SprintecTriNessaTriNessa 28Tri-PrevifemTri-Sprintec


Ethinyl estradiol and also norgestimate mix is provided to prevent pregnancy. That is a birth manage pill that includes two species of hormones, ethinyl estradiol and also norgestimate, and also when taken properly, avoids pregnancy. It works by preventing a woman"s egg from fully developing each month. The egg have the right to no much longer accept a sperm and also fertilization (pregnancy) is prevented.

Ethinyl estradiol and also norgestimate combination is additionally used come treat center acne in females (at least 15 year of age) who started having menstrual duration and likewise wants to usage this medication for bear control.

No contraceptive an approach is 100 percent effective. Birth manage methods together as having actually surgery to become sterile or not having actually sex are much more effective 보다 birth manage pills. Discuss your choices for birth manage with her doctor.

This medication does not avoid HIV infection or other sexually transmitted diseases. It will not aid as emergency contraception, such as after unprotected sexual contact.

This medication is obtainable only v your doctor"s prescription.

This product is easily accessible in the adhering to dosage forms:


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