UPDATE: following the special, glen Beck released the documents and other resource material that got in making his report. Friend can find them in ~ GlennBeck.com.

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Chaos, disorder, turmoil, volatility, and lawlessness have cast practically every edge of our country into darkness. In previous decades, it was the media who shined a irradiate on corruption and evil, yet these job the darkness never felt much more enveloping. Today"s media claim "Democracy die in Darkness," however they"ve blanketed our country under a veil of lies, misinformation, and propaganda.

It doesn"t issue if you"re Republican or Democrat, black or white, affluent or poor, us all recognize we"re being maintained in the dark. Yet in the blackest of darkness, even the the smallest flicker of light can come to be a lighthouse to those who room seeking the truth.

Wednesday, glenn Beck was ago at the chalkboard to uncover what our politicians on the left have been act in Ukraine and also to reveal exactly how the media is purposely misleading, and also in some instances blatantly lying, to aid them cover that up. This is part 2 that a 3-part series to expose the truth around Ukraine and the impeachment inquiry, with all the evidence to back it up.

Watch "Democracy DOES die in Darkness" below, on BlazeTV or YouTube.

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