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valley Beck speaks before Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, throughout a campaign rally in Lafayette, Ind., Sunday, might 1, 2016. ( AP Photo/AJ Mast )

BOB GARFIELD: This is on the Media. I’m Bob Garfield.

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GLENN BECK: This president, i think, has exposed himself as a guy, over and also over and over again, who has a deep-seated hate for white world or the white culture.

BOB GARFIELD: Ladies and also gentlemen, her Glenn Beck, ex-CNN, ex-Fox News Channel, existing bellows-in-chief in ~ the website TheBlaze. Very first on TV and now online, Beck has actually spent much more than a te preaching around Byzantine plots, biblical prophecies and also a general gospel of calamity, all hidden in level view if you, the victim, could yet open your eyes and see.


GLENN BECK: We’re done together a nation. Once Mitch McConnell says now is not the time to end abortion, we’re done as a nation. We’re no gonna get any an ext warnings ~ above this. Angry is rampaging right now. That is beyond anything that ns have ever before seen all over in my life. And if girlfriend think it"s going to stay put, if girlfriend think it"s no going to grow, if girlfriend think this is as negative as it could get, you are sadly mistaken.

BOB GARFIELD: Part polemicist, part conspiracy theorist, part televangelist, Beck’s “special sauce” is what logicians call the fallacy that favorable enumeration and also what the rest of us call cherry picking, choosing unconnected facts, or bizarre non-facts, and also drawing connections between them as to reveal part sinister pattern. It’s a classically empty form of argument, no to mention, really often simply Looney Tunes. Here’s Beck talking about FEMA concentration camps, whereby the federal government can lock troublesome patriots.


GLENN BECK: They’re not FEMA trailers, FEMA prisons, FE – FEMA camps. If you to trust our government, it"s fine. If you have any kind of are afraid that we could be headed in the direction of a totalitarian state, look at out, buckle up. We are a nation that is headed towards socialism, totalitarianism beyond your wildest imagination.

BOB GARFIELD: Plus, simply enough advertisement hominem to store it every interesting. Michelle Obama is a monster, Al Gore is Hitler, invoice Clinton is the antichrist. Oh, and also fat people don"t worthy to live.


GLENN BECK: You understand those fat world that sit in their couch – and also I average really fat, ns mean, not choose me, I median the civilization who prefer their skin grows into the couch and also then, girlfriend know, they contact the fire department and they cut them out of the wall surface and climate they have to carry in a truck and also then they take it them come the hospital – i say let them die. Ns say punish the human who"s to be bringing lock the milkshakes that permitted them to eat and also not acquire up turn off the couch. Maybe – to be I too harsh?

BOB GARFIELD: Yes, Glenn, much. However never fear since Beck now cases to be a brand-new man. For the past couple of months, he"s been visiting the camps of the enemy, roll Stone, Vice, Charlie Rose, MSNBC, The brand-new York Times, to pronounce self chastened and also Donald trumped a historical threat. He"s contrite, introspective - empathetic. ~ a decade of vitriol, incitement and also literal demonization, the is ‘beckpedaling” in ~ 60 mile an hour.


GLENN BECK: I am reinforcing and I’m, I’m retooling for the future, together everybody - every organization should be, discovering that if girlfriend don"t retool every three, four years you’re going come be the end of business. So I’m retooling that. As far as message, ns hope I’m different.

BOB GARFIELD: Glenn Beck, welcome come OTM.

GLENN BECK: Thank you very much, Bob.

BOB GARFIELD: You’re different, different how?

GLENN BECK: I don’t know. I"m do the efforts to it is in a far better listener. Friend know, it"s one point to come out, what, 3 years earlier and say, friend know, holy cow, no my intent and I made things lot worse, ns think.

BOB GARFIELD: That was the Megyn Kelly interview, right?


BOB GARFIELD: And we’ll acquire to that. What is various now native the food correction the you tried come make 3 years ago?

GLENN BECK: I think it’s an continuous thing indigenous there. As I stated in that interview, how - ns don"t understand what i would have actually done differently, and I tho don"t necessarily know what i would have done differently, other than shut her mouth an ext and listen more.

BOB GARFIELD: Well, that was the old glenn Beck, the one that was to run his mouth too much and listening also little?

GLENN BECK: The exact same guy. Ns still believe the same things. I still have the same principles. But my values weren"t constantly on display, and also it"s what"s leading to me so much trouble with this Donald trump card thing.

You know, I, ns don"t agree through Hillary Clinton at all and also I think she"s insanity dangerous through the corruption, just in the FBI and also the justice Department. Yet that doesn"t typical that I shed my principles and also do everything it takes to avoid her or to sign onboard through somebody who, yes, is do the efforts to protect against her but also doesn"t reflect my principles.

BOB GARFIELD: But let"s talk around Trumpism. We have this presidential candidate who has actually made numerous unsubstantiated charges. He has displayed no attention in the law, residential or international. He"s threatened allies. He’s cozied approximately enemies. He has actually espoused policies that would certainly trample ~ above the bill of Rights, all play to a crowd the you have actually been inciting for an ext than a decade. Go you develop Trumpism?

GLENN BECK: I think “inciting” is a, a rather inflammatory word. As soon as I went approximately in 2004 and also I to be trying to say, in ~ that time, people feel prefer they"re disconnected from the system, my will was come let off steam, because that instance, the 9/12 Project, i beg your pardon is constantly confused with the Tea Party. I was actually versus the Tea Party as soon as it very first started, and I began something called the 9/12 Project, which to be wildly different, and also it was based on nine values and also 12 principles. And also I stated we can"t make this about politics, this has to be around principles. It"s why my audience should be gone right now, however my audience actually has held secure in the ratings. Now, Sean Hannity and everybody else is way through the roof because they"re playing into it.

BOB GARFIELD: You called The new York Times, quote, “We must listen come one an additional as human beings and try to understand one another"s pain.” Now, i think you were speaking specifically of black color Lives issue but, in general, you to be making a case for empathy, correct?



GLENN BECK: You know, the one point that, that ns didn"t perform in 2008 and also 9, ns hadn"t studied Martin Luther King favor I have in the last couple of years, and Martin Luther King had it right. And our entire culture is constructed on winning, and when we"re collection to victory we all lose. We have to find a means to reconcile with one another. And it doesn"t typical that we agree with one another, yet we need to listen. And there space these groups, for instance, Black resides Matter, ns don"t agree with the leadership and also their declared goals yet that doesn"t median that ns don"t listen to the human being who are component of the movement. And also that"s wherein we missed it on the Tea Party. And what you"re seeing through Donald trump card is the reality that the media never listened. They automatically deemed them every racist.

Well, you"re seeing now that there is a racialism group. It’s referred to as the alt-right. And everybody requirements to tape together and corral those people and make sure we can identify them and not team them into one big group and also say, everybody who is a conservative is a racist. No. That’s what the media did. And that’s why so many human being gave increase on even being listened to. And also because I knowledgeable that myself and also I experienced it happen, ns realize, wait a minute, wait a minute, that"s what"s about to happen, other than the appropriate is gonna do it to Black resides Matter. We need to listen come the world who are actually in there, who room saying, look, there"s a difficulty in ours community, we require help, exactly how do we resolve this?

BOB GARFIELD: Is the world ready to take it listening and empathy lessons indigenous Glenn Beck?


BOB GARFIELD: Yeah. Well, precisely. I mean, friend have, just to point out a couple of examples, claimed your horrible with family members of 9/11 victims. You have actually used –

GLENN BECK: Untrue, that’s untrue. I was increasing money because that - civilization that were influenced by Hurricane Katrina. When people started to see human being shooting and looting, i said, those are not the median person, the is the anomaly the you space seeing on television. In ~ the same time the was happening, there were 9/11 victims’ households who were trying come bilk and milk the system, and I claimed specifically, there room those civilization that friend look at and also you say, oh my gosh, i don"t want anything to perform with them, I"m therefore sick of every one of them. No, don"t be sick of every one of them. Don’t bump everybody into one group, once you watch somebody you disagree with, particularly when you"re being asked to open up your heart.

BOB GARFIELD: Glenn, permit me to take it you top top a pilgrimage down poor memory lane.


GLENN BECK: You know, it take it me about a year to start hating the 9/11 victims’ families. It take it me about a year. And also I had actually such compassion because that them and I really - girlfriend know, I want to assist ‘em and I to be behind, girlfriend know, let’s provide ‘em money, let’s get started, girlfriend know, all of this stuff. And also really didn"t – friend know, all the 3,000 victims’ families, i don"t hate all of them. Ns hate about - probably around 10 of them. And but once I see, girlfriend know, 9/11 victim family, girlfriend know, on, on television or whatever, I"m just like, oh, shut up. I"m so sick of them because they"re constantly complaining. And we go our best for ‘em!

BOB GARFIELD: Okay, currently I don"t really want to relitigate the worry of –

GLENN BECK: No, girlfriend don’t have actually to due to the fact that you’ve play it out of context. Now, nobody"s gonna speak this yet out that 3,000, space you telling me over there aren’t 10 the 3,000 civilization that are whining about one point or another that annoy you? Yes, was my language inflammatory to to speak I dislike them? i don"t dislike them. I never ever hated them. This is more than likely what would readjust for me. Ns didn"t realize the damage that ns was doing. And also I have to tell you, anybody who does five hours in ~ their desk every day, walk it all live, every unscripted, and also was whereby I was at the time, believing what ns believed, everyone will certainly make mistakes. I’m no shying far from that. That audio - I claimed that. I would like to see world put that in context.

Now, let me ask you a question, Bob. What an excellent is relitigating valley Beck? ns told girlfriend from the beginning, must you listen to the uncompassion? No. I"m the worst possible guy, however I"m the only male right currently that is actually standing up against his very own tribe, if you will, and also saying, I"m not gonna worry about Hillary Clinton, I"m not gonna worry about the Democrats, I’m not gonna worry around the liberals. I"m simply gonna say, I’m not going end the cliff v the rest of the world in mine tribe. And what – ns mean, you don"t have – Bob, what, what, what good does it do now, damaging Glenn Beck? Bob, human being have to be doing that for a lengthy time. You’re a small late come the party.

What can we execute to heal the nation, rather of dividing? If girlfriend don’t believe me, that"s fine. Why have me top top the show?

BOB GARFIELD: Well, let"s have a conversation. You have actually mentioned that retooling or adjusting to the current company conditions is just part of the procedure of running a business, choose TheBlaze or the glenn Beck brand.

GLENN BECK: I"m going the end of business, haven’t friend heard that?

BOB GARFIELD: Well, there have been layoffs. The marketplace hasn"t necessarily been type to you lately. And if you do a small market analysis, top top the paranoiac wingnuttery next of it, you’re losing sector share to the likes the Alex Jones and also his ravings.

GLENN BECK: Good, good.

BOB GARFIELD: And, and on the hard-core nativist side, you"re shedding share –


BOB GARFIELD: - to Breitbart.


BOB GARFIELD: He’s obtained the alt-right wrapped up. And also then there’s just The everyday Caller and others.


BOB GARFIELD: So, so room you adjusting your article as a question of principle or because you’re simply trying to suss the end a much better market niche?

GLENN BECK: What does the leave me with, Bob? What does that leave me with? do you think everyone in your audience is going to suddenly pertained to Glenn Beck and also say, five my gosh, ns love this guy, I’m going come forget everything he said since I’ve got anyone on the left remind me precisely what he claimed for every time, so I’m gonna offer him a shot? carry out you think that’s going come happen? execute you think the the people, when I talk to girlfriend on NPR, once I talk to The brand-new York Times or Charlie Rose, they look at that and go, oh, that"s good, he"s on our side? Or perform they say, he"s a complete sellout? therefore where"s mine market, Bob?

BOB GARFIELD: Well, wherein is her market? and a quick follow-up question, what"s the function of the great 2016 glenn Beck empathy tour?

GLENN BECK: This is the many remarkable interview I"ve ever done, and I"ve done some exceptional interviews.

BOB GARFIELD: Thank you. Why space you act what you"re doing?

GLENN BECK: You are so jaded that you can"t also imagine that perhaps somebody is act it because they think it.

BOB GARFIELD: Well, deserve to I beat you an additional piece the tape, if ns might, please?

GLENN BECK: No, I"ve, I’ve heard them all. You deserve to play them and also insert them right into the interview.


GLENN BECK: I great I can go earlier and be much more uniting in my language because I, ns think i played a role, unfortunately, in helping tear the nation apart.

BOB GARFIELD: Well, that was three years ago. Was that a trial balloon because, together I understand it, not a totality lot changed after that sort of moment of contrition right into the location we space now? What was going on in those intervening almost three years?

GLENN BECK: A lot, a many soul searching, a most raising money to assist people in the middle East. We have raised $11 million and also saved 4,000 people and moved them right into safety indigenous Syria and also from Iraq, held a rally of about 30,000 people, also, over a year of standing for ethics a - versus somebody that I think is together dangerous together Donald Trump and also warning my own civilization who don"t want to hear about the alt-right. They don’t think that there’s such a point as the alt-right. They believe this is a New York Times trope due to the fact that who tells them that? Breitbart. Who tells lock that? The Drudge Report. Who tells lock that? Trump.

BOB GARFIELD: There have actually been a variety of reinventions in her career, and also you’ve acknowledged in the previous that the valley Beck persona, what i would speak to “the shtick,” has elements of performance art. “A rodeo clown” is how you’ve defined yourself. So have you fans the flames of distrust in government and hatred and also even insurrection as some kind of perverse entertainment? and just allow me it is in clear, ns regard that together a rhetorical question.

GLENN BECK: You’re - wait for me to say something. You just said it was a rhetorical question, for this reason –

BOB GARFIELD: Yeah, however I’d it is in happy come hear your response.

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GLENN BECK: No, ns don"t think so. Hey, Bob, i really execute wish friend the best. Ns hope that one day you have the right to - take the moment to find a moment where you’ll give somebody the possibility to actually readjust and shot to carry out the ideal thing and also stand, not against the human being where the crowds room cheering but stand against the people where no one is cheering, where no one wants to stand, where no one wants to pay for anything, and also know the difference between those two. And also when friend do, maybe you"ll have the ability to see what I"m trying come do. But until that time - I"m deeply sorry that you misled us into thinking that this would be anything favor a same interview, and also I thank you.