Gloriana's latest single, "(Kissed You) great Night" is steadily climbing the charts, giving fans a promise preview of new music to which the group's sophomore album. The track was composed by Gloriana's Tom Gossin, along with award-winning songwriter josh Kear (who likewise co-wrote Carrie Underwood's "Before the Cheats" and also Lady Antebellum's "Need you Now," amongst other large hits).

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"I had never met prior to this day, therefore this to be our an initial time gaining together come write," Tom tells The Boot. "We started talking about writing a song about the kind of minute in life that's like among those movie moments. It's keep going in real life, but you're like, 'Oh my God, this is a movie moment.' Those room those times, that selection of emotions that a relocating song."

The guys drew inspiration for the brand-new song by a chance encounter Tom had at a restaurant previously in the week. "I began thinking around my life, and also coincidentally a couple days prior to this I had overheard a conversation a group of girls to be having," Tom explains. "I was eating, and they to be at the following table. One of them had actually been ~ above a date with a guy, and she was like, 'Did that kiss you?' She was like, 'No, that didn't execute it at the end. It was a an excellent date and he didn't carry out it at the end, and I don't recognize why.'"

The singer-songwriter, who is currently happily engaged, had actually to return to his earlier dating days to uncover inspiration because that the finish of the song. "I'm thinking back to my life, thinking, 'Man, that was constantly so hard,'" Tom notes. "I've constantly been kind of shy, and also I don't understand if girl realize how hard that was. She said something like, 'You know what, ns don't treatment if he's fear or what, just do it.' So the ends up becoming the first lyric of the track says, 'I should have actually pushed you up against a wall.' That's whereby Josh and I started, and also it dropped into ar pretty quickly after that."

Tom is tho a bit scarred by the storage of his own first kiss. " was a girl that I saw grade institution with," that recalls. "We were at a date of birth party. We were very young and she kissed me and also all I might taste was Doritos ... It to be bad. I preferred the girl best up until then. Ns don't eat Doritos due to the fact that of that."

Gloriana, which also includes Rachel Reinert and also Tom's brother Mike Gossin, will release their new album, A Thousand mile Left Behind, this summer.

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