Letters come Home

We are at this time looking for letters and correspondence composed to or from Nisei veterans during WWII because that an upcoming documentary project, letter to Home. Diaries, journals or scrapbooks are additionally welcomed. This task will be in partnership through ABC7 News Anchor, documentarian and member that GFBNEC plank of Directors, David Ono, and will melted light on much more powerful perspectives and also stories from the Nisei WWII experience.

Email takeaction
goforbroke.org with scans that your files or any questions.


2nd annual Living Nisei Veteran picture Tribute

In lieu the the in-person Nisei veteran acknowledgment on stage, us presented the an initial virtual photo tribute at last year"s EOA v 88 veterans indigenous 10 states. This year we are excited to again function this popular showcase that a military and current photograph of all living Nisei WWII veterans from across the nation. For returning veterans, the very same photos can be gift or brand-new photos could additionally be submitted by October 22. All digital photos need to be figured out with the veterans complete name and submitted to takeaction


Six Unit Segments

During WWII, end 33,000 Japanese American men and also women bravely served in the Pacific, in Europe and at home. Learn much more about the segregated Japanese American military units the the 100th Infantry Battalion, 442nd Regimental Combat Team, 522nd field Artillery Battalion, 232nd Combat engineer Company, Military intelligence Service, 1399 Engineering building Battalion, Women’s assistant Corps and also Cadet Nurses. Click below to see our YouTube playlist, The six Japanese American army Units of WWII which originally aired throughout our 22nd walk For damaged Monument Anniversary and also is component of our series, sharing Stories about the Table.

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OUR MISSION: to educate and also inspire character and also equality through the virtue and also valor of our world War II American veterans of Japanese ancestry.

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