Sgt. La David Johnson, 25, passed away from wounds sustained during enemy contact. He to be assigned to third Special forces Group (Airborne) on fort Bragg.

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an ext than 7,000 world have contributed over $400,000 come a GoFundMe project for the late Sgt. La David Johnson"s youngsters in the day following outcry to president Donald Trump"s remarks to his wife, allegedly speak "he knew what he signed up for."

The president denied those remarks, and also said U.S. Representative Frederica Wilson, that relayed the story, fabricated it.

According to the Miami Herald, Wilson"s group 5,000 role Models of Excellence program, i m sorry Johnson was a component of in ~ one allude in his life, developed the duty Model military Sgt. La David Johnson Scholarship to ensure Johnson’s three children will have for college.

In irradiate of Trump"s comments, activist Michael Skolnik post the GoFundMe asking his 218,000 Twitter followers to progressive $5,000 because that the please soldier’s family.


Last night i was hope to advanced $5,000 for a scholarship for #SgtLaDavidJohnson’s kids.

WE increased $243,018 in ripe hours.


— Michael Skolnik (



His tweet captured the fist of celebrities choose Common, Jake Taper and Russell Simmons, who mutual the page themselves.


Support #SgtLaDavidJohnson + his family members by giving to this fund! Let's stand united + assist out!

— usual (
common) October 18, 2017


gofundme campaign to pay for college for the children of Sgt. La David T. Johnson, KIA in Niger.

— Jake Tapper (

If you wake up up deciding what you want to provide versus what you’re going come get, you come to be a much more successful person. Let's store giving. Https://

— Russell Simmons (


Some of the best donations to the project come native celebrities as well, such together The huge Bang Theory producer bill Prady ($5,000) and also MasTec co-founder Jorge Mas, ($3,000) according to the GoFundMe donation page. However, the vast majority of donations are simply $100 and under, with many just at $5 and also $10. Skolnik stated people at this time unemployed and also living paycheck-by-paycheck told that they donated come the campaign, despite their own financial hardship.

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“This household needs love and also compassion," Skolnik claimed in one interview with "The American people will take treatment of this family.”

Sgt. Johnson was one of four servicemen killed in Niger earlier this month, complying with an ambush assault by militants believed to be affiliated v the Islamic State. The left behind a 6-year-old daughter and also a 2-year-old son. His wife, Myeshia Johnson, is pregnant through the couple"s third child.