The Potato Salad Kickstarter is a satirical crowdfunding campaign started by Columbus, Ohio resident Zack Brown come raise money for the sole purpose of make potato salad. Regardless of the utter absence of general information and also logistical details neighboring the project, Brown"s Kickstarter campaign quickly surpassed its $10 goal and went on come raise much more than $50,000 in less than a week.

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On July 3rd, 2014, Zack Brown submitted a Kickstarter proposal for a project merely titled “Potato Salad.”<1> The description of the task read:


Brown collection the score at $10 and end day to respectable 2nd, 2014. Backer incentives had Brown saying the backer"s name while make the potato salad because that a donation that at the very least $1 and also a bite the the potato salad because that a donation that at least $3.

The Dish

The boiled potato dish appears to have actually originated in Europe, with several distinct types from various regions, consisting of Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Romania and Syria.

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Notable Developments

Additional Goals

After the Kickstarter project met its purposes of $10, Brown began adding new "stretch goals" within the description, explicate what that would carry out with much more money. The first update featured three stretch goals:

"Stretch Goals:* $35 – I will make 4x as lot Potato Salad. I recognize $40 isn"t 4x $10, however you guys have earned it.* $75 – Pizza Party!* $100 – ns will shot two different Potato Salad recipes."

Additional incentives were included as well including a potato salad themed hat for donations the $25 dollars or an ext and a publication of global potato salad recipes because that donations the $50 or more.

News Media Coverage

On July 5th, Buzzfeed<2> published an interview with Brown titled “Meet The guy Who introduced A Wildly effective Kickstarter To make Potato Salad.” by July 5th, the campaign had currently raised over $1,000 dollars and also gained end 200 backers. Within the interview Brown described his feeling on the campaign much more than surpassing that goal, saying:


$10. I thought I can possibly obtain to $20 and also have to do potato salad with a stranger. Now I get to do potato salad with the whole internet! Someone claimed they could aid me set up a live stream, so i guess we’re act that!"

He likewise hinted in ~ a feasible future Kickstarter campaign saying:

“I’ve been thinking of another, slightly larger project for part time, yet for now I want to make sure this potato salad is done prior to I begin it.”

On July 6th, the Kickstarter was spanned by UpRoxx,<3> through the 6th it had actually raised end $3,000 and gained end 600 backers. ~ above July 7th the campaign was spanned by numerous sites consisting of The Verge<4> and The Washington Post.<5> by July 7th, the project had acquired over $15,000 and also over 2,000 bakers. As of July 8th, in ~ 4:50 afternoon EST, the campaign had obtained over $53,000 and also over 4,000 backers.

AMA on Reddit

On July 6th, Brown hosted a Reddit ask Me Anything. <6> inquiries ranged from what sort of add-ins would certainly be had in the potato salad to why that had made decision to do potato salad. When asked "What are your think on just how to safely mail a bite the potato salad? several of the ingredients call for refrigeration," because some the the incentives contained a bite that potato salad that explained:

"Yea, it"s walk to it is in a challenge. I would have put the under threats if I had actually ever taken into consideration that anyone outside of Columbus would desire some. I believed I"d simply go to people"s houses and also hand it off."


Over the food of the complying with month, Brown"s absurd Kickstarter project controlled to progressive $55,492 from an ext than 6,900 backers, with an average donation of $8.03 per person. According to Kickstarter, the potato salad campaign came to be the 4th most-viewed web page in the history of the website, trailing behind other wildly successful campaigns for the Ouya video game console, the Pebble smartwatch and the Veronica Mars movie.


On July 9th, the taxes Foundation<8> speculated the Brown would have to pay $21,167 in taxes because that the fundraiser, since the funds would certainly constitute income once accumulated by Brown.

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PotatoStock 2014

Days before the conclusion the the fundraiser, Brown post an upgrade to the Kickstarter page in which that announced that he will hold a potato-themed benefit concert because that the homeless on September 27th, 2014 in ~ the Columbus Commons in Columbus, Ohio. Aptly named "PotatoStock," Brown states the free-admission occasion will operation from noon come 8 p.m. And all proceeds from marketing concessions will go towards a fund to finish poverty and homelessness in main Ohio.