EARLIER THIS WEEK, Tia Mowry evidenced to Nylon Magazine the a Sister, sisters reunion is in the works and that she’s currently on the lookout because that a writer and also producer that can make the happen.

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We’re looking, best now, for a producer and a writer, who who can kind of it is in a leader that the load in regards to to run the show.


Of course, if you watched that in the 1990s, then

First the all, the theme tune was and remains an absolute bop.

In all the iterations.

*hums theme track for the remainder of the evening*

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The display made you great you had actually your own lengthy lost pair sister.

The plot the Sister sister was around two twin sisters who fulfill after randomly bumping into each other in the mall when shopping through their adoptive parents. You were on edge really time you visited Stephen’s environment-friendly in case you bumped right into your lengthy lost twin.



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Chances space you determined with one sister end the other.

If you to be studious, you probably thought of you yourself as much more of a Tia. If you were fun-loving and also carefree, you to be probably an ext of a Tamera.

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Their hat game was always on point.

More 90s than baby blue eyeshadow and body glitter.

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You had actually a soft spot for Tamera’s Dad Ray

Just a lovely, healthy Dad. Look at his pullover vest. The says, “I’m proud the you, no matter what.”



Meanwhile, Lisa Landry was her dream sassy Mam.

Nobody messes v Lisa.


You to be rooting because that Ray and also Lisa to obtain together throughout the show and also secretly resented Lisa’s friend Terrence for keeping them apart.



You learned around the concept of fake IDs indigenous Sister Sister.

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As well together why you should never trust photographers…

So plenty of important life lessons.


You aspired to walk out with lads as nice as Jordan and also Tyreke.

The pure pets.

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And you understand that yes sir nothing an ext satisfying than uttering, “Go home Roger!”

No far better way come channel her exasperation.