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The go In your Purse because that a Nurse (GIYPFN) project was produced to allow nurses and also Patient Care assistants know they're considerably appreciated.

In fact, GIYPFN, which was began by the wife-husband team that Loreen and Dr. Sal Indelicato, raised about 20,000 due to the fact that it started elevating money in early April.

On Wednesday evening, GIYPFN staged a ceremony for over 400 nurses and also PCAs in ~ Staten Island university Hospital south campus and also it was a stop hit.

The organizers dispersed gift cards come the medical care workers throughout a awareness that contained music by E Squared Entertainment.

GIYPFN organizers stated Staten Island harbor Authority police policemans Nick Brucato and Nick Indelicato provided cost-free car and also ambulance sanitizing services to every nurses and medical personnel, and also donated N95 masks.

In addition, Stella's secret Door Boutique donated scrubs and Protein Power round donated healthy treats for the nurses and PCAs.

"The greater the storm, the brighter the rainbow and (Wednesday's event) shined brightly,'' stated Loreen Indelicato.

Mike Cortese, that is also a member of GIYPFN's staff, added: "Wednesday was a distinct day. It to be so nice come see all of the support we received from Staten Islanders assisted put a laugh on the nurses' faces. They to be so appreciative and also thankful.”

Cortese, that is the boys' varsity basketball coach in ~ St. Joseph by-the-Sea and also Director of Basketball Operations for iWork, stated GIYPFN's next stop will be SIUH's ocean Breeze campus.

"We are looking to store this initiative alive and also asking because that donations for this reason we can hopefully recreate now again at SIUH North," Cortese said.

To do a donation or to just see how you can gain involved and support in part capacity, you re welcome visit purseforanurse.org or email goinyourpurseforanurse


Nurses and Patient Care aides whoop that up as they wait on line to get their gift certificates.


Go In your Purse for a Nurse co-creator Loreen Indelicato, right, stated she was motivated to begin the project in honor of her sister, nurse Alicia Reddy, left.

Nurses and also Patient Care assistants received a variety of gift cards indigenous GIYPFN as a give thanks to you for their services.

These are the walk In your Purse for a Nurse organizers who are not just responsible for starting the campaign, yet running Wednesday's gala.

Over 400 nurses and also Patient Care aides received gift cards a a thank you for their exceptional services lock provide.

Healthcare workers display off your gift certificates during a awareness in their honor from go In your Purse because that a Nurse.

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A huge thank girlfriend to health care workers

Go In your Purse because that a Nurse to be a smash hit !!!

Posted by Staten Island breakthrough Sports ~ above Friday, may 15, 2020

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