9) What is the "shape" that BEES?As several of you may know, Diana Gabaldon says all of her publications have a "shape" come them.

Diana announced in a short article on TheLitForum.com * on august 22, 2019, that BEES is shaped choose a snake:

"Snake" is the in its entirety shape that the book. The glides, that coils, the slithers, it climbs (and then drops the end of a tree ~ above you), that turns earlier on chin at the same time the goes forward, it has actually occasional bulges wherein it"s swallowed something large...and it has fangs.

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Snakes room dangerous and unpredictable and sometimes deadly, and I think we"d all do well to store that in mind.This description of the form of BEES is make me really excited around this book! that sounds choose it"s walking to be a very entertaining and also suspenseful roller-coaster ride, v plenty of twists and turns -- however watch out for the snakes!* for those that you who don"t know, TheLitForum.com (formerly the Compuserve Books and also Writers Community) is Diana Gabaldon"s key online hangout, and also I have actually been ar Leader (aka moderator) the Diana"s section on the forum due to the fact that 2008. You need to sign up to review or write-up on the forum, however it"s free.

10) will certainly Diana Gabaldon be doing a book-tour for BEES?

There will certainly not be a book-tour for walk TELL THE BEES THAT ns AM GONE. It"s just not feasible this year, with the pandemic quiet ongoing.

Diana Gabaldon has, however, announced the details because that a virtual publication launch occasion for BEES, come be held via Zoom in ~ 7pm ET on Monday, November 22, the evening before BEES is published.

From Diana"s short article on on facebook on October 13, 2021:

This will certainly be the only publication event that I’m doing, wherein I will talk about Go call the Bees That i Am Gone, the Starz TV show, and more. I’ll it is in in conversation with Maureen Lee Lenker from Entertainment Weekly, I’ll answer few of your burning inquiries (you deserve to submit yours for review once you register for her ticket!) and there will be, um, a few secret things, as well.

Look right here for every the details and also a link to order ticket to the event:

An Outlander Celebration through Diana Gabaldon!

Please note, you perform not have to purchase a publication in bespeak to acquire tickets. Over there is a cost-free option.

11) once will BEES be interpreted into various other languages?


The German edition of walk TELL THE BEES THAT i AM GONE, called DAS SCHWÄRMEN VON TAUSEND BIENEN, will be published on November 23, 2021, the exact same day together the US and UK editions. The translator, Barbara Schnell, is a longtime girlfriend of Diana Gabaldon and also has been translating her publications into German for plenty of years.

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I have actually no information around translations into languages various other than German.

That"s every the info I have at this time. You re welcome check earlier later for more updates!