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Gobi Desert

The Gobi is a big desert an ar in north China and southern Mongolia. The desert basins of the Gobi are bounded by the Altai mountains and also the grasslands and also steppes of Mongolia on the north, through the Tibetan Plateau to the southwest, and also by the north China plain to the southwest. The word Gobi means "desert" in Mongolian. The Gobi is made up of several unique ecological and also geographic regions, based upon variations in climate and topography.

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The Gobi is many notable in history as component of the great Mongol Empire, and also as the ar of several essential cities along the Silk Road.

The Gobi steps over 1600 km from southwest to northeast and 800 km from phibìc to south. The desert is widest in the west, follow me the heat joining the Baghrash Kol and also the Lop no one (87°-89° east). It rectal an arc of soil 1,300,000 sq kilometres in area, do it one of the largest deserts in the world. Contradictory to photos often connected with a desert, lot of the Gobi is no sandy however is extended with ceiling rock.

The Gobi has actually several alternate Chinese names, consisting of sha-mo (sand desert) and han-hal (dry sea). In that is broadest definition, the Gobi includes the long stretch of desert and semidesert country extending indigenous the foot that the Pamirs, 77° east, to the great Khingan (Da Hinggan) Mountains, 116°-118° east, on the border the Manchuria; and from the foothills of the Altai, Sayan, and also Yablonoi hills on the north to the Kunlun Shan, Altun Shan, and also Qilian Shan ranges, which type the north edges that the Tibetan Plateau, top top the south.

A reasonably small area on the east side the the good Khingan range, between the top waters of the Songhua (Sungari) and also the upper waters the the Liao-ho, is additionally reckoned to belong come the Gobi by conventional usage. Top top the other hand, geographers and ecologists favor to regard the west extreme of the Gobi region (as identified above), the container of the Tarim in Xinjiang and also the desert basin of Lop Nor and also Hami (Kumul) as developing a separate and also independent desert, referred to as the Taklamakan.

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