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2007 because that the first time, country(ish) artists occupy the top three point out on the united state albums chart:1) Carrie Underwood - Carnival Ride2) Robert Plant and also Alison Krauss - Raising Sand3) Gary Allan - Living Hard

2002 Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Tom Petty, Elvis Costello, Lenny Kravitz, and Brian Setzer guest star top top The Simpsons in one episode wherein they operation a rock and also roll fantasy camp. The an initial rule the the camp: There are no rules! second rule: No external food.More

1992 Ween"s major-label debut, Pure Guava, is exit on Elektra records. The album features the single "Push th" tiny Daisies," which it s okay them fist on MTV after gift featured ~ above the channel"s animated collection Beavis and also Butt-head. During the clip, Butt-head quips, "These guys have no future."More

1988 after a 6-year hiatus wherein he waits the end the "80s, Steve Miller starts touring again, kicking off with a display in Burlington, Vermont.

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1979 "Rapper"s Delight" through The Sugarhill gang becomes first rap tune to struggle the Billboard hot 100, entering the chart at #84.More

1969 Sesame Street debuts top top American public television. Plenty of of the lessons room taught with songs, and in later seasons, musician drop by to help out: Stevie Wonder, James Taylor, ray Charles, Dixie Chicks and also Alicia keys are among the numerous to show up on the show. The two big names that rotate down offers: Bruce Springsteen and Barbra Streisand.More

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In Music History

2020 with her lawyer, Britney Spears tells a court she is afraid of she father and will not carry out again if he is in charge of she career. Since 2008, she has actually been under conservatorship, with her father in fee of she health and also finances.

2017 complying with a publicity project where she purges she social media accounts and also posts video clip of a hissing snake, Taylor Swift release her sixth album, Reputation.More

2017 Outsider her home in Nashville, Carrie Underwood takes a nasty fall, breaking she wrist and also mangling her face. She doesn"t appear in publicly again until April 15, 2018, when she performs "Cry Pretty" - a track partly motivated by the incident - in ~ the ACM Awards.

2013 at the MTV Europe Awards, Miley Cyrus smokes a joint while accepting she Best video clip award for "Wrecking Ball." The consciousness is held in Amsterdam, so it"s legal.

2012 No longer an item: Justin Bieber and also Selena Gomez. The pair announce their breakup after date for around a year.Bieber theatre an acoustic version of "Cry Me A River" at his show in Boston. A te earlier, Justin Timberlake wrote the song about his break-up with Britney Spears.

2006 R&B singer-songwriter Gerald Levert, age 40, dies of acute intoxication after taking various prescription painkillers combined with Xanax and also antihistamines. The fatality is ruled accidental.

2003 The paperback variation of Nirvana lead singer kurt Cobain"s journals is released, sparking renewed attention in the dead absent star. A disorganized repertoire of his writings and drawings, the former cover warns, "if you read, you"ll judge."

2003 An emotionally tribute to the freshly deceased Johnny Cash is held at Nashville"s famous Ryman Auditorium, featuring standard Cash songs performed by Sheryl Crow, Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson, son Rock, and also Steve Earle, among others.

2003 David Bowie is forced to cancel the remainder the his gig in Nice, France, once laryngitis causes his voice to give out in the center of "Ziggy Stardust." physicians assign Bowie three days rest.

2002 Johnny Griffith dies of a heart attack at period 66. Together a keyboardist for Motown"s in-house band, The Funk Brothers, he played on number of of the label"s hits, consisting of "I Heard It v the Grapevine" and also "Stop! In the surname of Love."

2001 nation singer Chalee Tennison and guitarist note Gillespie marry following a three-year courtship. The marriage is Tennison"s fourth and Gillespie"s first.

2000 Singer-songwriter Billy Yates makes his cool Ole Opry debut, performing his solitary "What perform You want From Me Now."

1998 top top their means to carry out at the 1998 MTV Europe Music Awards at Milan"s Fila Forum, brother girl group All Saints are held up because that six hrs in London by a walkout the Milan plane employees.

1997 Hollywood session guitarist Tommy Tedesco dies of lung cancer at period 67. Aside from playing on classic TV themes such as The Twilight Zone, Batman, and M*A*S*H, he recorded with a variety of artists, including Ella Fitzgerald, candid Sinatra, The coast Boys, and also Elvis Presley.

1994 Jazz singer Carmen McRae die at age 72, a month after enduring a stroke.

Kate smith Introduces "God Bless America"


On she radio show, Kate blacksmith sings the Irving Berlin tune "God Bless America" for the an initial time, presenting it come the country. Berlin composed the track for a 1918 musical he wrote, but decided no to usage it.

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Berlin to be an military songwriter (a position created especially for him) during world War I when he wrote the music Yip Yip Yaphank because that he and also his fellow soldiers stationed near Yaphank, lengthy Island. He chose that "God Bless America" didn"t job-related in the production, therefore he scrapped it. Yip Yip Yaphank make it come Broadway, however "God Bless America" remained unsung for the following 20 years.It is revived when Smith"s manager asks Berlin because that a patriotic song she have the right to sing because that the 20th anniversary of Armistice Day, which marked the end of the War. ~ trying to create a new song, Berlin dusts turn off "God Bless America," with a few key changes. The original lyric is:Stand next to her and guide herTo the right with a irradiate from aboveMake her victorious ~ above land and foamGod Bless AmericaMy residence sweet homeThe word "right" now has political significance, and "make she victorious" is too bellicose, together he desires it to it is in a peace song celebrate the country. The amendment lyric is:Stand next to herAnd guide herThrough the night with the light from aboveFrom the mountainsTo the prairiesTo the ocean white v foamGod bless AmericaMy home sweet homeHe likewise adds an introduce verse for Smith to sing:While the storm clouds conference far across the seaLet united state swear allegiance to a soil that"s freeLet united state all be grateful for a land so fairAs we raise our voices in a solemn prayerFor Berlin, a Jewish immigrant whose family members fled Russia to make a new life in America, the song has actually special significance, together Hitler"s army has taken over Austria in a lead-up to world War II.Smith"s transfer takes place the night before Armistice Day. She leads right into the tune with an elegant introduction:And now it"s walk to be my very great privilege to song for friend a song that"s never ever been sung prior to by anybody. One the was written specifically for me by among the greatest composers in the music field today. It"s something an ext than a tune - ns feel it"s one of the many beautiful compositions ever written, a tune that will never die. The author: Mr. Irving Berlin. The title: "God Bless America."The tune goes come #10 ~ above the chart, climate to #5 the adhering to year when it is reissued. That is gradually adopted as a second national anthem, coming to be a sheet music best seller and Smith"s signature song. Berlin donates royalties come the boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.In 1943, blacksmith recreates this transfer in the movie This Is the Army, which speak the story that the song.