I am an American Patriot. I think God has blessed us v a land wealthy in resources- soaring mountains, unlimited vistas of well-off soil for numerous harvests, white sand coastlines, dry forest and also glacial peaks.

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I to be an American Patriot. I think that the co-founder of this an excellent nation were influenced to dream, a dream that freedom- governed no by the rich, by royalty, but by the people- without emperors or tyrants or dictators, discovering that this flexibility would come at a good price- the stays of patriot soldiers and militiamen, whose rag-covered feet froze in the snow and who primitive weapons were no match against the many powerful nation in the world and who provided up their farms and their families and their stays so that we could say “We, the human being of the United states of America…”

I to be an American Patriot. I believe that God has actually blessed us so that we can be a blessing. And we may not be the policemen the the world. However we have heard the cries for help from countries trampled by international armies, and also races of world herded right into concentration camps and also crematoriums, and also children who must be in school forced into violent raiding next that kill their very own people- their own families- and we have not ignored your cries, and Americans have invested your lives and also their resources to answer those cries.

I am an American Patriot. Ns salute the men and women who day-to-day place their resides in harm’s method on foreign soil- to bring hope because that a far better life also to people who hate us and also what we stand for. I salute my brothers and sisters that daily cook the meals and also repair the jeeps and also buy the supplies, and also wash the uniforms and clean the latrines, and type the letters and raise the flag so the our army can always be alert, constantly ready, always prepared, so that there will never be an additional Pearl harbor or 9/11.

I am an American Patriot. Ns stand as soon as the American flag passes by. I proudly location my hand on my heart and pledge my allegiance. Ns thrill to know that finally Honor Flights take it veterans in wheel chairs and also with walkers to view our an excellent capital and the memorials the a grateful nation has built to honor them and their service.

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I to be an American Patriot. Ns am proud to be a citizens of a country that will certainly not forget those who gave their lives and their service, a country that sets aside a national holiday- a holy day- come say “Thank you. We will not forget.”

God bless ours Veterans, and God bless the United states of America

About the author:

Ed Baker recently retired after serving because that 33 years together the pastor of the Orchard Hill Church in Cedar Falls, IA.