“I know Heaven is for actual … i was sitting in Jesus’ lap.”

So what is heaven like - what does Jesus look at like?



When four-year-old Colton Burpo endured an emergency appendectomy, his household was overjoyed in ~ his miraculous survival. Yet Colton would reveal more about his experience – much more. In the adhering to months, this little boy began sharing his extraordinary story, comment the concern – what is heaven choose – and also detailing his visit with Jesus.

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Colton’s memories of Heaven space stirring, and when he observed the CNN video of featuring Prince of tranquility by Akiane Kramarik he identified what he say is the Real face of Jesus!

Throughout the ages, we have wondered “what go Jesus look at like?” We want to see his face and look deeply into his eyes. We desire a an individual connection – a coherent relationship v Him. Because that many, visualizing Jesus helps to connect and far better understand His deep love.


Colton’s father often asked Colton these questions:

What is sky like? What walk Jesus watch like? end the years, he showed Colton hundreds of pictures of Jesus. At last, Colton declares: “Dad, the one’s right.”

In December 2006, Colton and also his father Todd Burpo (author of the sky is for actual book) were watching CNN’s news story around Akiane Kramarik, the boy prodigy who painted she visions that Heaven consisting of mesmerizing pictures of Jesus. The news story emphasize Akiane’s “Prince that Peace” painting, completed once she was only 8 year old.


In the moment, Colton Burpo determined what he claims is the Real face of Jesus.

Many have actually wondered, and millions have actually agreed: “Prince of Peace” together revealed in heaven is for actual Books and Movie is the Real challenge of Jesus! This portrait the Jesus Christ to be painted by son prodigy, Akiane at age 8. Titled “Prince that Peace,” it’s likewise known as the resurrection painting of Jesus.

How is it the Colton experienced this photo of Jesus? was it expected to be?

Was the happenstance or divinely orchestrated? Many believe that God common the picture of His boy with Akiane with her visions – and God gave her the creative talent to “record” her visions. (Akiane calls herself a “visionary journalist.”) These presents empowered Akiane to share the challenge of Jesus through the world.

While visiting heaven, 4-year-old Colton Burpo spent time with Jesus. Later, Colton determined Akiane’s “Prince the Peace” as the Real challenge of Jesus. Here at priziv.org, we believe this was not happenstance, however like every other divine appointments - the was supposed to be!

A an individual note from the Founder that priziv.org

An important mission for arts & SoulWorks is for anyone to have actually the possibility to hear around Christ and see what many think is the Real face of Jesus lugged down native heaven with the Prince of Peace painting by child prodigy, Akiane Kramarik. If you inspired, be sure to re-superstructure this stirring picture of Jesus through others.

Art & SoulWorks wants everyone in the civilization to have access to the Jesus the Prince the Peace and also the painting – the Real face of Jesus, as figured out by Colton Burpo. If you space seeking the confront of Jesus examine out the options here.




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Painted by child prodigy Akiane Kramarik, “Prince the Peace” is not just another snapshot of Jesus. The so lot more! “Prince the Peace” is god’s gift to us, provided to us with Akiane come let the human being know Jesus is the Prince the Peace and also that he lives. That loves us. And He is wait for us.


“Prince that Peace, the Resurrection painting of Jesus” is related to as the Real challenge of Jesus.

It was motivated by God.Over the years, millions have come to believe “Prince that Peace” is the Real confront of Jesus.


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